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The counseling staff helps students develop an academic program; consider career options and assists in the areas of personal/social decision-making and problem solving.
It is imperative that the student, teacher, counselor and parent work closely to develop an educational plan appropriate for each individual student. During the winter months of each school year, the counselor will conduct an annual review. Educational planning, including an assessment of the year’s progress, future academic programming and post-high school plans will be discussed during the review, as well as at other times during the year. Upon completion of the annual review, parents can view the course selections on School Tool.  Parents are encouraged to contact the school counselor at any time for academic program, social and/or personal concerns, in addition to post-graduate goals.
Academic Intervention Services (AIS):
The New York State Education Department has mandated that schools provide academic intervention services to students believed to be in jeopardy of achieving success on the English Language Arts standards. Periodically, we provide AIS support services for students in Math, English, Science and Social Studies. These arrangements are scheduled on a case by-case basis and may be scheduled in a range of ways, from one quarter to a full year. Students enrolled in AIS will be provided with the necessary and appropriate academic support in order to assist them in meeting academic standards. Ongoing evaluation will determine the students’ enrollment or completion of AIS services.