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We are continually working to offer opportunities for our students to achieve college credit. Our list of courses that have the possibility of college credit grows and changes each year depending on the affiliated colleges and/or College Board and Advanced Placement adjustments and PLTW guidelines.

Concurrent Enrollment (College Credit) and Advanced Placement Courses:
We offer a variety of courses that allow the student to achieve college credit. Currently, we offer courses wherein students can receive credit through Onondaga Community College or SUNY Oswego. At this point, the advantages of completing college credits in high school are enormous. The rigor of the courses is greater, and the savings can compound through time. Our courses that are aligned with SUNY Oswego have a cost attributed that is far less than a typical 3-credit college course. They currently offer us a rate of $175 for 3 credits. Onondaga Community College offers our students the opportunity to earn credits for free.
All of our college credit courses require the student to register with the college. Our teachers (acting as adjunct staff) will help guide each student through the registration process. For both schools, registration for the first course causes a student ID number to be generated. For our students who take a first course in the fall of their sophomore or junior year, subsequent registrations use that number. Credits begin to accumulate at the conclusion of the first course.
Advanced Placement Courses and Examination Fee:
Throughout the course catalog are courses listed as Advanced Placement. Students enrolled in these courses are required to take the exam in April or May as one part of course completion. College Board sets the fee each year, and we collect and send in one lump sum payment to them. The fee in 2019 was $94 per exam or portfolio submission. College Board periodically increases their fee.

The granting of AP and college credit is determined by the individual policies of the post-secondary college the student plans on attending. Students are encouraged to call the College Admissions Office to determine course acceptance. BOCES Programs with Tech Prep options lead to college credit bearing coursework. Please contact BOCES for specific information at 431-8503. 
Project Lead the Way Courses:
We currently offer two strands of Project Lead the Way Courses that are aligned with Rochester Institute of Technology. We offer Biomedical Engineering, Engineering, and Computer Science strands. These courses offer rigor and relevance for today’s job market and college readiness. Additionally, there are options for college credit for each course. RIT does charge a fee for the credits.
***If a student signs up for a course and the course enrollment does not go over fourteen students, the district may/may not offer the course due to the low enrollment.  The determining factor is if the teacher from the said course needs to teach a section of something else.