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Regents Earth Science Homework/Assignments (10/15 - 10/19):

Topics to be covered:
- Differences in Heating/Cooling between Land and Water/Specific Heat
- Sea and Land Breezes
- Dewpoint and Relative Humidity
- Processes of Cloud Formation

* Heat Transfer Internet Activity is being assigned as homework and will be due on Wednesday (10/17).   

- Quiz on Thursday (10/18) will cover using the Selected Properties of Earth's Atmosphere table on pg. 14 of your ESRTs, wind and the variables that affect wind speed, the 3 types of heat transfer - conduction, convection, and radiation, the Cause and Effect of Convection Currents, Specific Heat of Common Materials, the Cause and Effect of Land and Sea Breezes.  Study from notes and practice activities completed over the last 2-3 weeks.

- Continue planning out your Photographic Scavenger Hunt Project.  Eventhough the final project is not due until May 15th, 2019, you should PLAN AHEAD!  Create a list of the events or processes you plan to photograph ahead of time so you are better able to anticipate when you will take your photographs.  Remember to have your ESRTs with you in each picture!  

After School Times: Wednesday (10/17) 


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