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Nutrition & Wellness Challenges for Students

By Lindsey LaDue
School Dietitian

Challenge 1 : Compliment someone without talking about their appearance in any way.  Choose something you appreciate about them, thank them for something they did for you recently, or share why you enjoy spending time with them.  This is a great reminder that we are all unique people of many different sizes and shapes with special gifts.  We have different needs when it comes to health and nutrition, too.  Share your compliment aloud or written as a note.  Be creative and brighten someone’s day!
Challenge 2 : Try a new food.  Anything! As long as you aren’t allergic to certain foods, this challenge is limitless.  It may be an ordinary item you may not usually reach for or something a little less common.  Use your imagination!  

Challenge 3 : Help a parent/guardian make a meal.  Make your plate as colorful as possible.  With supervision, you may be able to mix, chop, or gather ingredients.  You can start your own recipe box with favorite meals and add to it each time you make something new. 
Challenge 4 : Build a snack buddy When I was younger, my mom sometimes made me a vegetable “face” with a cookie nose to eat as an afterschool snack.  Now it’s time to build your own snack buddy! Take a picture of your creation or draw the final product.  Ideas for ingredients include graham crackers, celery, raisins, bell pepper rings, cheese sticks, and so much more. 

Challenge 5 : Create-Your-Own Parfait Eating breakfast is a great way to fuel for the day ahead.  Choose multiple food groups and remember that something is better than nothing.  Use this breakfast parfait worksheet from Kids Eat Right to build a breakfast and if you have the ingredients on hand, make it in real life! This doesn’t have to be just for breakfast either.  Parfaits are great any time of day.  Many of our Elementary wellness club students have made smoothies with us.  As an alternative to parfaits, you can make your own smoothie with the help of an adult.

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve completed the nutrition & wellness challenges.  Please feel free to share your progress using #bvillebees on social media. Keep up the great work! Parents: If you would like access to resources that encourage raising body-positive intuitive eaters, please reach out to me at   Bee well! -  Lindsey LaDue, School Dietitian