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New start date for fall sports

Parents & Guardians,
Yesterday, the New York Public High School Athletic Association (N.Y.S.P.H.S.A.A.) announced the delay to the start of the fall athletics season. The new start date will be September 21, 2020. With this information, the following adjustments have been made for you to register your student athlete(s) through Family ID.
New Fall Sport Start Dates & Family ID Registration Dates
Sport Begins – September 21, 2020
Registration Begins/Opens – August 22, 2020
***DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS September 14, 2020***
Friendly Family ID Reminders
ONLY Parents/Guardians Can Sign Off Electronically on the 6 Agreements
  •  Athletic Code of Conduct
  •  Athletic Code of Conduct Availability and Acknowledgment
  •  Risk of Injury Acknowledgement
  •  Pre-Participation/Health History Agreement
  •  Concussion Information Acknowledgement
  •  Medical Treatment Authorization
Note: If a Student Athlete electronically signs off on these agreements, he/she will NOT be cleared and could prevent them from starting on time.
Parents and Guardians: PLEASE sign up your son or daughter at the school they will physically be attending this September ~ (Ray Middle School 7th grade, Durgee Junior High School 8th & 9th grade, & Baker High School 10th, 11th, & 12th grade).

To find out more information on registering your student athletes please go to the sports sign up tab under athletic on our district webpage.
Thank you,

Christopher M. Campolieta
Director of Athletics, P.E. & Health
Baldwinsville Central School District