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Options for Medication Management on Field Trips

Field trips are exciting! If your child requires medication on a field trip, please work with the classroom teacher as soon as the field trip permission form comes home. Side B of the form allows you to identify the need and opens the door to begin planning. Below are some of the options that we will consider in order to address the need:

1. Discuss the possibility of chaperoning the trip, and carrying your child’s medication, with the classroom teacher.

2. Designate someone who doesn’t work in the school district to attend the field trip – who can carry and administer the medication to your child for you. You would simply sign off on the plan per the field trip form.

3. Discuss with your doctor whether the medication is required for the field trip. If the medication is not required for the field trip, both you and your doctor must provide written documentation confirming this. BOTH notes are necessary.

4. Discuss with your doctor whether or not your child can be self directed in administering their own medication. To be self directed your child must be able to: identify the medication, state the purpose of the medication, state the correct dose, state when the medication must be taken and what would happen if the medication is missed. Finally your child must be able to demonstrate to the school nurse his/her ability to meet the criteria.