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Board of Education Spotlight for December 21, 2020

Thirteen people were honored with the Board of Education Spotlight at the Monday, December 21, 2020 Board of Education meeting. The three staff members and 10 elementary students were honored with the Superintendent's Certificate of Excellence award presented by Acting Superintendent Joseph DeBarbieri. The board meeting was held on Zoom. 

Here are our Spotlight recipients: 

The Board of Eduation honored the winner and finalists in the Holiday Greeting Card Contest:              

Winner:  Ayden Weston, 4th Grade, Reynolds Elementary School

Second Place:  Adeline Boudreau, 3rd Grade, Elden Elementary School

Finalists:  Emmy Buchanan, 5th Grade, Van Buren Elementary School

Addison Haberek, 2nd Grade, Palmer Elementary School

Abigail Jung, 2nd Grade, Elden Elementary School

Maya Neville, 5th Grade, McNamara Elementary School

Addison Rupert, 5th Grade, Palmer Elementary School

Allison Simpson, 2nd Grade, Reynolds Elementary School

Leah Martoccia, 5th Grade, McNamara Elementary School

Matthew Tatem, 3rd Grade, Van Buren Elementary School

Patricia Cottrell
Fifth Grade Remote Teacher
Palmer Elementary School

Patricia "Patti" Cottrell was honored for adapting to the challenges of the pandemic with creativity and enthusiasm since March 2020. Patti strongly embraces the remote model of instruction and supports students throughout the day as she would in her traditional classroom with immeasurable amounts of 1:1 attention. She is continually engaged in virtual learning with students, and enjoys tremendously the time she spends in group chats. Her approaches to remote instruction have created a close-knit classroom community, and all involved (parents and students alike) have raved about her performance as a teacher this year.
Colleen Damato
Third Grade Remote Teacher
Van Buren Elementary School

Colleen Damato was honored for adapting to the challenges of the pandemic with creativity and enthusiasm since March 2020. Colleen is a dedicated and well-loved teacher. She celebrated students at the end of the school year with a visit on horseback. She’s a fully remote 3rd teacher this year, Colleen has created a virtual environment that feels just like her traditional classroom.

Leigh Briggs
Transportation Department

Leigh Briggs was honored for going above and beyond for everyone within the Transportation Department and making the time to address all that is brought to the table, especially with the challenges of the pandemic. Leigh is always there for the staff regardless of what is being thrown in her direction. She is professional, caring, nurturing and supportive. She’s been described as the “glue that keeps the Transportation Department together.” She always makes herself available day and night for the staff. She’s been a calm leader in the storm.