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Baldwinsville named a Best Community For Music Education for 12th Year

The NAMM Foundation has recognized the Baldwinsville Central School District for its outstanding commitment to music education with a 2021 Best Communities for Music Education (BCME) designation. This is the 12th consecutive year that the District has received the prestigious designation.
The Best Communities for Music Education awards program recognizes outstanding efforts by teachers, administrators, parents, students, and community leaders who have made music education a part of the curriculum. The designation indicates that a school district has an exceptionally high commitment and access to music education.
"I'm very proud of our music educators and our students for their hard work, dedication, preparation, and commitment to our music education program,” said Acting Superintendent Joseph DeBarbieri. “This has been a challenging year with COVID-19 restrictions and safety protocols, but the music played on due to the dedication of our staff and students. You all make us very proud."
To be considered for a Best Communities for Music Education designation, applicants must complete a survey and answer detailed questions about funding, graduation requirements, music class participation, instruction time, facilities, support for the music program and other factors that affect access to music education for all students.

The Baldwinsville Central School District’s music teachers are Jennifer Bearup, Megan Brody, Adam Carkey, Donna Cole, Kristina Czerwiak, Cynthia Doback, Rebecca Dusart, Justin Ezzo, Patricia Hollis, Christine Isbell, Katrina Kahl, Colin Keating, Laura Kenyon, Kellie Krisak, Cody Lassinger, Brittany O’Reilly, Aliza Stoll, Steven Uhl, Jennifer Vacanti, Casey Vanderstouw, and Timour Vernyi.