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Board of Education launches Superintendent Search: Seeking public input

As part of the superintendent search process, the Board of Education is very interested in the input from community members, high school students, teachers, support staff, and administrators in regard to the attributes of the community and school district, the issues the new superintendent will face, and what qualities stakeholders would like to see in our new superintendent.
Zoom meetings with those groups will be held with the Superintendent Search consultants during the week of May 10th as follows:  

May 10th 

Passcode: 540478
2:00 pm - Teachers
3:30 pm - Administrators
5:00 pm - Support Staff (BESPA, CSEA, BTSSA, Non-Aligned)
7:00 pm - Community

May 11th  

Passcode: 830149
2:00 pm – High School Students
4:00 pm - Teachers
5:30 pm – High School Students

May 12th    

Passcode: 492261
2:00 pm - High School Students
4:00 pm - Support Staff (BESPA, CSEA, BTSSA, Non-Aligned)
5:30 pm - Teachers
7:30 pm – Community      

May 13th  

Passcode: 635450
4:30 pm - Administrators 
7:00 pm - Community
At each of the meetings, participants will be asked these four questions:
  1. What makes your community a good place to live?
  2. What makes this a good school district - for students and staff?
  3. What are the issues that a new superintendent needs to know about as he or she comes into the district?
  4. What skills, qualities, and characteristics will the new superintendent need in order to be successful?
If you are unable to attend one of the meetings, an online survey is now available. 

The following survey will be open until May 12th: