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Counseling Office
Phone: 315-638-6114
Fax: 315-635-2105

Tom Crosby
Students with last names A-F
Heidi Dwyer Counselor Students with last names G-N
Tiffany Stubbmann Counselor Students with last names O-Z
Rachelle Archer Guidance Secretary (315) 638-6114
Joelle Dashno Psychologist (315) 638-6110
Jill Joseph Social Worker (315) 638-6117
Mr. Ron Coleman Promise Zone  

Scheduling Information + Downloads
6th to 7th Grade Links 7th to 8th Grade Links
1. Grade 7 Course Options Powerpoint with audio 18th Grade 2023 Scheduling Presentation
2. Grade 7 Course Options Powerpoint only 2. 7th to 8th Grade Scheduling - Common Questions
3. 6th to 7th Grade Scheduling Common Questions 3. 8th Grade Course Catalog
4. Paper Copy of Course Selection Form  
5. Link to Digital Course Selection Form  
6. Example Schedules Based on Course Selections