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Local veteran brings military collection to Durgee Junior High School

Robert Good talkes with Durgee students.
May 10, 2022

Robert Good, a U.S. Army veteran, has been collecting military service-related memorabilia from the Civil War to the Vietnam War since he was 12 years old. Mr. Good brought his extensive collection of uniforms, helmets, field gear and so much more to Durgee Junior High School library today for hundreds of students to see. 

Other veterans joined Mr. Good to talk with students and answer questions, including Dan Daleny (U.S. Army - Vietnam War) and John Beckwith (U.S. Air Force, Okinawa & Vietnam War).

“We want to teach the kids respect for veterans and we want them to acknowledge their privileges as Americans,” said Mr. Good, who served in the War in Iraq, “Also, we hope that they will find a way to give back to their community and give back to their country.”

Mr. Good brings his collection to Central NY schools at no cost. His visit to Durgee was arranged by Lindsay Cesari, Library Media Specialist. 

Thank you veterans for your service and the time spent with our students today!

Dan Daleny (U.S. Army - Vietnam War) puts military gear on a Durgee student.