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Positivity Project

Elden Elementary School, along with the other elementary schools in the district, will be following the Positivity Project. The Positivity Project's mission is to empower America's youth to build positive relationships. Why relationships? Because they are the cornerstone of health, happiness, and resilience…and (according to experts) many jobs of the future. That is why they developed a strategy that schools use to inspire positive relationships (student-to-student and student-to-teacher) and cultivate a school-wide #OtherPeopleMatter Mindset.

 Elden teachers and students will be studying the 24 character strengths. Go to the Positivity Project homepage to learn more about this program. When youth are taught about these character strengths that others possess, they will then be able to see people based on their character.



Safety Patrol

The Safety Patrol consists of fifth grade students who are chosen to be role models for other students in the school. The Safety Patrol assists the staff in monitoring students as they enter and exit our school and helping those in need, especially at the beginning of the year when younger students may forget where there classroom is or needs help carrying an item. The fifth graders help train fourth graders to take over the following year.

4th and 5th Grade Principal Council

5th grade students are selected to be on Principal Council's through an application process.  They head up different activities for the school. They are currently working on addressing the 3 "Bees" within the school. They are also working on fund raising for different programs, like Paige's Butterfly Pajamara.


Announcement Team

Fifth graders have an opportunity to be on the Morning Announcement Team.  Students are chosen on a rotating basis. Each morning the team leads the school in the Pledge of Alligance. Then they cover all important information for the school day and upcoming events.  Each child is also acknowledged on their birthday.