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Bees Can Do It All!

June 27, 2024

In April, elementary band teacher Randall Bennett approached the district with an idea that he saw on social media dubbed, "You Can Do Both!" The trend featured students who participated in both music and sports. Mr. Bennett wanted to recreate the idea for Baldwinsville! He solicited the help of all the district music teachers and they quickly found that Baldwinsville students weren't "doing both," they were "doing it all." 

More than 200 students participated in the project and their photos were published on social media in May and June. You can check out all of them in the video slideshow below! 

You Can Do Both!
Bees Can Do It All!

You don’t need to choose one path! You can do it all! The "Do It All Project" is meant to highlight the accomplishments of Baldwinsville students that are in Band, Orchestra, and/or Chorus who also play a sport, and/or do other activities in or out of school. Students should never feel like they need to choose one path over another. You can do everything! Both band and sports teach students a plethora of character traits, including never giving up when something gets tough, and personal responsibility. Baldwinsville Bees can do it all!

The Baldwinsville Central School District’s music teachers are Jennifer Bearup, Randall Bennett, Megan Brody, Adam Carkey, Kristina Czerwiak, Cynthia Doback, Rebecca Dusart, Christine Isbell, Katrina Kahl, Colin Keating, Laura Kenyon, Cody Lassinger, Timothy Moshier Jr., Brittany O’Reilly, Leah Pisaghi, Devin Schuessler, Aliza Stoll, Keegan Thompson, Steven Uhl, Jennifer Vacanti, Casey Vanderstouw, and Timour Vernyi.