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 10th grade seminars (October /Day 1 and December/Day 2)
11th grade seminars (held in February)
12th grade seminars (held in September) 
Sophomore Seminar is designed to familiarize students with resources both on-line and in the career resource center; these will help sophomores with their career search process. Through small group discussions, students will begin the process of examining their interests, values, personality traits, and aptitudes. Time is also spent discussing the importance of experiential knowledge; such knowledge can be acquired through shadowing, extracurricular activities, volunteering, and internships. Sophomores will receive a Naviance account to help them navigate through the career and college search process.
11th Grade Seminar

The focus of this seminar is to help students choose realistic post-secondary options. Students will be shown various areas of Naviance and how the on-line program can help them with their post secondary plans. The college application process is described in detail. Students learn when and how to make college visits and about the college interview. Personal statement, letters of recommendations and academics are emphasized. Students are continually encouraged to participate in Shadowing Experiences, Internship program, Explorer Posts, extra-curricular activities, and volunteer experiences. Students are provided with an opportunity to utilize the resources of the Career Resource Center to research areas of occupational interest.

 12th Grade Seminar
The senior seminar is comprised of two large group sessions followed by individual conferences to discuss post high school plans. 
  *  Items covered during the seminar include:
- college application process
- timeline of important dates
- interview skills
-Resume or activity sheet
-importance of senior year
-scholarships and financial aid
*  Individual conferences focus on graduation requirements, post high school planning, financial aid, job shadowing, recommendations, extra-curricular activity sheets and review of career folder.