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District Communications/Publications

Your First and Most Trusted Source for District Information


Our mission is to provide accurate and timely information and news to the entire school district community, as well as to inform the community of students' and staff members' achievements.

Public Information Specialist Sarah Buckshot is responsible for media relations as well as for the content and management of the district's website, producing the district's newsletter, The Hive, content for the district's BEE Informed e-newsletter,  as well as the district's Instagram account, Twitter account and the district's Facebook page.

Excellent schools need exceptional communication between the district and all stakeholders. The Baldwinsville Central School District wants to be your first and most trused source of information about its schools and programs. One of our greatest assets is the atmosphere of caring, collaboration, and commitment that we have with district stakeholders. One way in which we maintain this environment is through our communications.


The Hive Newsletter 

The district publishes a monthly newsletter, The Hive, which is mailed to district households. The newsletter will keep you up to date on student and staff achievement, district programs, initiatives and events. Click Here to read the current issue (pdf)


The district uses this message system for important notifications to parents, as well as emergency messages, such as school closings. Messages are sent via the telephone and emails. Parents automatically receive these messages.. 

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The Hive Archives - PDFs

The Baldwinsville Central School District is committed to making its website,, and the forms and information on it compliant with the American with Disabilities Act to ensure accessibility of its website for all students, parents and members of the community with disabilities. If you are having difficulties accessing information on the website, please contact the district's webmaster, 315-638-6180.  




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Use of the District Bee Logo

If you would like to use the district's bee logo, please contact the Public Information Officer Sarah Buckshot at 315-638-6180. Use of the logo must follow the district's standards, which you can read HERE.