Las Clases de Espanol de la Senora Blasczienski

Jan. 23-In class we reviewed hw and students had time to practice their dialogue.  Some students presented their dialogues.  There is a quiz tomorrow on vocabulary 1--34.  Hw tonight is page 20.  
Jan.22-today students worked on dialogues in class and hw from the weekend was graded.  There is a quiz Wednesday on 1-35 vocabulary.  Hw for Monday night is page 22.  The top part of the hw you answer in English and the bottom in Spanish.
Jan. 19th-Today in class students studied vocabulary with the numbered study guide in class.  We discussed fabrics in class to like cotton, wool, silk, etc. on the smart board.  Students also used oral questions on page 5 to write a dialogue in class.  The dialogue is a handout it is not in the packet.  hw is page 9 with translations. 
Jan. 18th-Today students practiced vocabulary in class by working with their study guides in the packet and playing "pick two". Hw tonight is page 7 and 8.
Jan. 17th-Today students got a new packet and the hw is page 28.  
Jan. 16th-Today students took a quiz on regular preterit and imperfect endings.  After we watched students imovies.  No hw if the imovie is complete.  
Jan. 11th-In class today students worked on their autobiography project.  We will watch them in class Tuesday.  Students need to email the projects to me at   Period__name___  Projects can be completed on iphones using the imovie app.
Jan. 10th-Students took a quiz on "when I was young" unit vocabulary.  Students received a packet to write their sentences in for the autobiography project.  15 sentences should be written for tomorrow.  I will be after school for students who need help.  Students should use pages 18, 25 and 2 to help generate sentences. 

Jan. 9th-Today in class students received a stamp for page 13 hw.  Students received a review sheet for vocabulary.  Tomorrow there is a vocabulary quiz.  There are activities on my google classroom.  We practiced the imperfect in class a lot.

Jan. 8th-today in class students worked on the imperfect tense.  It is a verb tense used to express used to or was/were  It is another past tense.  
Students practiced the endings, the abas and ias.  hw is to complete page 13 both columns.  
Jan. 4-Today in class students practiced vocabulary by connecting pictures on the smart board with vocabulary.  Students completed a flash card activity in class.  Students also read their 10 daily routine sentences to their table partner.  Hw is to study vocabulary and to bring in 5 baby pictures on Monday.  
Jan. 2-In class today students received a new unit packet titled "cuando yo era nino/a"  when I was young.  Vocabulary is filled in the packet already and students need to make flash cards or a numbered study guide of the 80 words by Thursday.  

Thursday Dec. 21-Today in class we graded chapter 6 and 7.  Students began answering questions on chapter 8.  All the questions through chapter 9 should be completed by the end of school tomorrow.  I will put the test grade in for the questions over Christmas break.
Wednesday Dec. 20-Students completed chapter 6 questions in class and began reading chapter 7.  Students also handed in hw.  It was the first page of the hw packet.  No additional hw tonight.  
Tuesday Dec. 19-Students graded chapters 4 and 5.  Students had approx.  15 minutes to work on chapter 6.  Students will be given 10-15 minutes tomorrow to finish chapter 6.  Hw is the front side of the first page of the hw packet.  It will be graded and students need to do translations.  
Monday Dec. 18-  there was a sub and students read and answered chapter 5 
Friday Dec. 15-Students graded chapter 3 and completed chapter 4 in class.  Chapter 4 will be graded Monday so students need to make arrangements to finish it in school today during LINK.  Hw is to do the otherside of the front cover of the Pobre Ana hw packet. 
Thursday Dec. 14-Students took a quick quiz on chapters 1 and 2 in Pobre Ana.  Students completed questions for chapter 3. We will grade them in the beginning of class tomorrow!



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