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Las Clases de Espanol de la Senora Blasczienski

April 20-today in class students took the health test.  No hw over spring break!  Enjoy
April 19-today in class students graded page 6 in the packet. Students also had a writing competition that they completed with their dialogue partners!  Test tomorrow on vocabulary, oral questions and the present perfect!
April 18-Today in class students studied their dialogues.  We reviewed the present perfect on page 21 in the packet and the oral questions on page 10 in the packet for the test on Friday.  Students received a review sheet that is worth 5 bonus points when completed on Friday's test.  Hw page 6 from last night will be graded in class tomorrow.  
April 17-today in class we went over the hw and read the different paragraphs ou tloud for the hw. We started a dialogue in class using the oral questions on page 10.  The dialogue is not in the packet.  Hw is page 6.  Answer the oral questions on the left in Spanish.  One word answers are fine.  On the right match the paragraph with the picture.  This assignment will be graded.  
April 16-Today in class students took an "ER" verb quiz.  Hw is pages 16 and 17 answer questions in Spanish.  Test Friday.
April 13-Today in class students took a vocabulary quiz on the health voc.  Students practiced an "ER" verb, romper for Monday's quiz.  Remember to do your 5X each for 5 extra points.  Some classes completed page 24 which practices the present perfect.  Some classes also did a short listening activity.
April 12-today in we went over the hw from page 19.  Students should study pages 1, 2, 18, 19, and 20 for the quiz tomorrow on vocabulary.  No written hw tonight. Students also learned about the present pefect tense in Spanish.  Notes are in the packet on page 21 and we completed page 23 to practice.  Please complete this page if you were absent.  
April 11-today in class students practiced vocabulary and took notes on ER verbs. Hw is page 19.  Leave spaces between words.  Vocabulary quiz Friday.
April 10th-today in class students practiced vocabulary with pictures.  There is a story in the packet on pages 7-9 that we read together as a class.  Students took notes on the oral questions on page 10.  HW is to make a numbered study guide or flash cards for page 2 vocabulary.  There will be a quiz Friday on page 1 and 2 vocabulary.
April 9-today in class students took an "AR" verb quiz.  Then we went over a few of the best writing pieces from Friday and decided on a winning group.  Hw is page 18.  It is a crossword puzzle to help practice vocabulary.  Make sure you leave a space between the definite article and noun.  For example la#penicilina
April 6-today students got a stamp for page 4 hw from last night.  Students were paired up in class and they were given a writing task to finish by the end of class.  The winners story will get a reward.  Hw is to complete the 5x each ending sheet to help prepare for the AR verb quiz Monday.
April 5-today in class we went over the answers to page 20 hw and students received a stamp.  Students practiced conjugating Ar verbs for a quiz on Monday.  Students practiced writing 5 sentences that I provided for them.  Hw is page 4 top and bottom.
April 4-in class today we practiced vocabulary by identifying pictures and completing page 3.  We practiced writing 5 sentences and then students started page 20 for hw.  Students must translate the definitions.  
April 3-in class today students copied notes on the vocabulary for the new unit on health or accidents.  I also announced the winner in each class for the story competition and we went over the winning story and why is was the best.  Hw is to make a numbered study guide or flashcards for page 1 vocabulary.  I will try to put a copy of the vocabulary on this site later today.  
April 2-today in class students wrote a story about a picture.  The picture is a scene inside an airplane.  Students worked together in groups of 2 and submitted one story per group.  No hw
March 29-today in class students took an open packet test on the airport unit.  Students were made aware all week long to make sure they completed their hw and brought their packet to class on Thursday because something was going to happen on Thursday that they would need it!  Happy Easter!   No hw
March 28-students were told to make sure they bring all of their airport materials to class tomorrow.  That includes any pages they ripped out.  We completed the dialogues, graded the quiz from Monday and went over the hw page 30 in class.  Students got a stamp for page 30.
March 26-students took the vocabulary quiz for the airport.  We started the conditional tense and students studied their dialogues.  Hw is page 13 in the airport packet.  There will not be a verb quiz this Thursday.  
March 22- students took the "er" verb quiz in class.  Answers for page 3 hw were put up on the smartboard.  Hw for tonight is based on those same defintions and vocabulary.  Hw is page 6. No translations!
March 21-quiz tomorrow on "ER" verb endings. 5X each for hw
verb endings.  5 x each for hw.March 20-In class students repeated the new vocabulary and we discussed our background knowledge of different words.  Hw is page 3 and we started it in class. Students must have translations for both columns.  Quiz Monday on page 3 and quiz Thursday on "er" verb endings.  
March 19-Students took on the "er" verb endings.  Quiz on Thursday and the class with the highest overall average will get donuts on Friday.  Hw is to make flash cards or a numbered study guide for page 1 airport vocabulary.
March 13- today in class students took a quiz on C and D vocabulary and handed in page 20 for a hw grade.  Hw for tonight is page 14 to practice por and para.  
There is an "ar" verb quiz on Thursday this week.  Same endings as the last time students took it.
March 12-today in class students finished their por and para project.  Hw is page 20.  It has a word bank at the top and students do not need to do translations.  Quiz tomorrow on C and D vocabulary.
March 9th-today in class students received a stamp for the "por" hw on page 13.  Hw for the weekend is to practice C and D vocabulary by completing page 3 sentences with the correct vocabulary word and students need to translate the sentences.  In class students worked on ipads in the pic collage app to make a poster of the info. they have learned in regards to por and para.
March 8th-today in class students presented their dialogues if they haven't yet.  We went over the hw.  Students got a stamp for it.  Hw for tonight is page 13 on the preposition por.  Use page 12 to help with the reasons that you use "por".  No quiz tomorrow on C and D vocabulary that will be Tuesday.  
March 7-Today in class students studied for a dialogue and some presented.  Those that didn't will do so tomorrow.  Students received a stamp for having C and D flash cards or numbered study guide completed.  Hw is pages 27 and 28 conversations 1-3 with all the questions.  Questions need to be answered in Spanish.  Compete sentences are not necessary.  
March 6-Today in class students graded a flash card activity.  Some still haven't done f.c. for A and B vocabulary so it was a wake-up call.  For the rest of class students wrote the dialogue from page 16 with help from page 29.  Hw is to memorize the dialogue and do C and D flash cards or a numbered study guide.
March 1-Today in class students took an "ir" verb quiz and they studied vocabulary.  Students received a new worksheet with definition style questions on it.  Hw is to complete the questions that are circled on the sheet they received in class and study A + B vocabulary.  
Feb.28th-today in class we graded the h.w. from last night, page 6 in the hotel packet.  We did an activity with flash cards to practice the vocabulary,  Students have a 5X each work sheet for h.w. to practice the "ir" verb endings.  Quiz tomorrow on "ir' verb endings.  
Feb. 27-today in class students practiced vocabulary for the hotel packet with pictures.   Hw is page 6, right hand column needs to be translated and students must pair the definition with the vocabulary word.  A numbered study guide for A and B vocabulary is due tomorrow as well.  Verb quiz on 'ir verbs" Thursday and vocabulary quiz on section A and B Friday.
Feb. 16-We took a test in class today.  No h.w. over break.  Enjoy!
Feb. 15-Today kids took a quiz on "ER" verbs.  We reviewed the comparative and superlative for tomorrow's test.  Students did a quick listening activity in class.
Students should study pastimes vocabulary, the future tense and the comparative and superlative.
Feb.  14- Today in class students learned about the comparative and superlative in Spanish.  Notes are on page 8 and we completed page 9 in class.  Tomorrow is an "ER" verb quiz so students received a paper to write the endings 5x each.  Students should be studying pastimes vocabulary every night.   
Feb.  13-  Today in class students took notes on "ER" verbs.  Quiz Thursday on "ER" verbs.  We practiced writing sentences and the future tense.  H.W. is to study vocabulary, "ER" verb endings and page 21 Section D.
Feb. 12-Students went over the h.w. page 25.  I didn't hand out a stamp.  Students practiced pastimes vocabulary.  There is a test Friday on vocabulary and the future tense.  I taught the future tense on page 15 and 17 in the packet.  Hw is to study vocabulary for 10 minutes and to do pgs. 11-13 only the questions without a star.  We also finished writing in the oral questions on page 26.  
Feb. 8th- Students practiced vocabulary in class.  We did the first 2 activities on page 21 in the packet and we went over the hw.  Tomorrow there is a verb quiz on AR verbs in the present, present progressive, preterit and imperfect.  Hw is page 7.  Some of the words you will have to look up.  I also handed out a 5X each paper for extra credit.
Feb. 7- no school, snow day
Feb. 6-Today in class students wrote the vocabulary in the new packet and they did a writing activity in class.
Feb. 5-Shopping test
Feb. 2-Today we finished up different activities in the clothing unit in preparation for the test on Monday.  The test is on vocabulary pages 1-4.  Students should study definition in the packet as well.  I did hand out a review sheet today.  Preterit and Imperfect is on the test as well.
Feb. 1st-Today in class we reviewed the preterit and imperfect conjugations and when to use both then students took a quiz.  Students also listened to the story of the scarecrow in class with Spanish subtitles.  Hw is page 15.  Answer to #8 is sotano and #9 is vitrina.  Test will be Monday.   
Jan.30th-today in class students got a stamp for having page 11 completed.  We went over it as a review for the vocabulary quiz tomorrow.  Students received a worksheet on the preterit and imperfect for hw.  There is a quiz tomorrow on vocabulary 25-105.  We also went over the labyrinth worksheet in class to practive the preterite and imperfect.  



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