WebCRD is for use by the staff of the Baldwinsville School District.  It provides a means of uploading print jobs via the internet, for printing by the Print Shop located at the High School.  

To print to WebCRD, go to webcrd.bville.org

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Only PDF files can be uploaded to print.  All Office 2010 programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Acess, etc) now have the means to convert your document to a pdf.  If you are having trouble converting to a pdf and need assistance, contact Patty Parrow at pparrow@bville.org or at ext. 6060.

On the first page of WebCRD.bville.org, you will see a Login section.  Make sure the DOMAIN is Baldwinsville.  Then using the same sign on as when you first turn on your computer, type in UserID and Password.  This is your network username and password.  The same you use for Schooltools.For further instruction, see the following instructions:
In each building there is a person who has been trained in WebCRD.  Check with your building secretary for the name of that person.  They can help you with questions regarding the use of WebCRD.

You can also submit a print request using the Print/Duplicating Request Form.
Last updated on 5/18/2016