Community Resources for Mental Health

In the spring of 2016, the District established a mental health committee in response to community concerns about our students’ mental health, including suicide awareness and available mental health resources for all community members.
The committee developed a list of resources, which you can find on the District’s website HERE.
We have also posted information for families on how to help children with mental health issues. You can read it HERE.
This August, staff members are receiving mental health training focusing on the signs and symptoms of the seven most common types of mental health disorders, available resources, crisis response, and the documentation and reporting of a crisis. In September, District administrators will receive training based on new state mandates related to mental health and safety, including suicide prevention.
The Baldwinsville Central School District is committed to helping its students and the community in any way possible, including putting mental health on the same level as physical health. We are fortunate to have such a strong community made up of concerned members who are willing to come together and support one another in the interest of everyone’s safety and mental and physical well-being.

Last updated on 8/9/2016