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2/8    A                 


Week #23! ALL: Take notes in your Packet from the Classification PPT. HW: Read pp 423-426 in Text. Do pp 5 & 6 in your Packet. Doubles: Finish and Hand in Lab #16 TODAY (Light Microscope)!


2/9    B         


Are your Labs 1-17 up to date??  Fix/Complete any labs that don't have credit (Incompletes and ReDo's)! I'll be after school today until 3:15.  All:Check/go over your HW. Continue with slide 31 on the Classification PPT. Fill in boxes on p 4 (see p 3). Do pp 7 and 8. HW: Do pp 9 & 10 in PacketDoubles:Use Text pp 430 and 438 for Lab 17, Cladogram and Dichotomous Key.  
I stay after school on Tuesdays or Wednesdays (depending on meetings). Stay after if you need any extra help on LABS or any unit in The Living Environment.


2/10   A               

ALL: Quiz this Friday on Classification. Check HW, pp 9-10. Do  pp 11-14 in your Packet (use Text). Go over. Doubles: Do Lab 17 (see above).

2/11  B

 ALL: View the Online Protista Lesson. Fill in pp 17-19 (Protists). Do pp 15 and 16 (Fungi). HW: Do "Concept Mapping" on 'p 18', 1-10 (use your Text p 434 for help). Doubles: Finish your Packet, except for the last page (Vocab Review). Do "Get the Big Picture", Q 1-5 and "Interpreting Graphics", Q 1-6.

2/12   A       


END OF 23 WEEKS! Do the Last Page of your Packet, Vocab Review. Any Q on your HW? Hand in your HW! Quiz on the Concept Map. Go over the Castle Learning "Classification" assignment. Doubles: Do Lab 18 in groups, Classifying Imaginary AnimalsHW: Try the Castle Learning assignment for Classification AGAIN, but on your own! Write me a quick note if you'd like it Reassigned.


IF YOU ARE ABSENT FOR A LAB: Living Environment laboratory make-up labs are scheduled for TUESDAYS after school (unless a meeting is scheduled) at 2:25 pm in Room 1221. (Please let me know you'll be staying by signing the notepad in 1221 before or after class).

Tutorial sessions for Living Env. are available on WEDNESDAYS after school unless there is a meeting that I need to attend. 

The TEST CENTER is also available EVERY PERIOD of the school day. Be sure to seek help and make up your missed Quizzes and Tests if Absent in Living Environment

Please see SUPPLY LIST below.

Homework Assignments are above, View the PowerPoints from class again.

Do the CASTLE LEARNING review assignments for EXTRA CREDIT before each unit test.

The world is ALIVE and filled with life. View the PowerPoints from class again.

Don't forget that I am available for tutorial sessions after school ON WED unless I have a meeting. Get some help when needed: I will give you a pass to your sports practice.

Helpful hints:Re-read your Living Env. notes from class, HIGHLIGHT your PowerPoint notes, read your textbook assignments, make flash cards using castlelearning.com and/or studyblue.com , and do your personal best!

A minimum of 1200 satisfactory LAB MINUTES are required for ALL NYS Regents Science courses in order to be eligible to take the Regents Exam.

LE Supply List: TWO 3-ring binders ( 1" and 2"), looseleaf paper for binder, (the 1" binder is for your labs), pens (blue or black), pencils(for graphs/drawings), 1 box of colored pencils, a highlighter, and 100 3X5 cards.

Current Topic: HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY {Please refer to the course expectation sheet for additional information on this course}.

Regents Exam in LE
The regents exam was given in June 2015 in the Large Gym at 11:40 AM.

Try some Review here for the Midterm/Regents Exam
Do Castle Learning for extra credit
Regents Review LIVE!
The Respiratory System notes (MakeMeGenius)
Labquest: "New" Karyotyping Method
Labquest: Karyotyping and Mutations
Labquest: Mutations, Activity One
A. Replication and Protein Synthesis
B. Protein Synthesis
C. Protein Synthesis
D. Mutations
E. Replication
Labquest: Mutations, Activity Two
Site 1 - Lew-Port Meiosis Page
Site 2 - Sumanas Animation of Meiosis
Site 3 - Biology in Motion (Meiosis)/ Study Guide and Practice Quiz
Site 4 - PBS: Mitosis vs. Meiosis
Survival Guide: Final Review for LE (Boot Camp)
What you need to know to Pass the LE Regents Exam
Bowling Ball and Feathers in a Vacuum
Cells Alive : Internet Lessons and Puzzles
Cool Bio Video Site
DNA Workshop for LE
Dog Bone Bonding Analogy
Holt, Rinehart, and Winston Electronic TEXT for LE
Lab Safety from your LE Text
LE Regents Practice Exams
Mitosis and Cancer Webquest
Mrs. Canale's site
Photosynthesis packet
The Panama Puzzle
Virology (Smallpox)
What is a Protein?
What is your Learning Style? How do YOU learn?
Human Body, Part #1: Digestion
"Scientific Method: Investigation"
CLICK HERE for Mr. Malecki's Regents Earth Science Webpage
Sing along with "THE ELEMENT SONG"!
DNA/RNA Explorebiology
Mutations (Explorebiology)
Photosynthesis (Explore Biology)
Protein Synthesis Explorebiology
Human Pedigree Symbols and Notations (divorce, death, etc.)
Evolution Webquest: Fossil Evidence
Evolution Webquest: More Anatomical Evidence
Evolution Webquest:Biochemical Evidence
Evolution Webquest:Even More Anatomical Evidence
Evolution Webquest:Even More Biochemical Evidence
Evolution Webquest:More Biochemical Evidence
Online Lesson Protista
Evolution Webquest: Anatomical Evidence
Evolution Webquest: Embryological Evidence

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