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Welcome to . . .
Mr. Cartier's English 8 Web Page

Welcome to my Website.  I must tell you that I will not use this site much this year.
All students will get a Google Classroom account at the start of the year, and that will be used for communication.




Class Information:
Required Supplies for 2017-2018:

It is my intention to use Google Classroom as much as possible this year. Therefore, most notes and handouts will be digital.  

However, there will be times when paper copies of handouts will be distributed, so you will need an ability to keep them organized. Therefore, a binder works best, and you can decide the size you need, depending on how well you personally stay organized.

Pens and pencils will also be required. I try to keep it simple.

I have various scoring marks that I use on student papers and on the Parent Portal. Here are some that are not self-explanatory:

/+ is a 100%

/ is an 80

/- is a 60







Not There Yet (NTY)=60: Student is attempting the work, but is not adequately proficient

Incomplete (INC)=0: Student is not finished with an assessment or assignment, possibly due to absence; grade will change when work is done

Not Turned In (NTI)=0: Student has not handed in an assignment

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Last updated on 9/14/2017
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