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Welcome to Mrs. Graydon's Chemistry page!


Regents Chemistry

Welcome to Regents Chemistry!
calculator - the one you have for math will suffice. Cell phones may NOT be used as calculators.
I look forward to an exciting year with you!

Periodic Table TEST is Tuesday, November 21st
To join Remind; text @MrsGraydon to 81010

AP Chemistry

Welcome to the challenging world of AP Chemistry!
calculator - cell phones may NOT be used as calculators.
Chapter 25 HW
CH 25 TEST is Tuesday, November 21st.
To join Remind for AP: type @MrsGraydo to 81010


Welcome to Chemistry!

Remember to do the CastleLearning Bonus before your test for bonus points!

Useful Links

Class Expectations and Current Unit Information
March 14 2018 video
Organic Chemistry Notes
Redox - Oxidation and Reduction
Electrochemical and Electrolytic Cells
Potential Energy Diagram Notes
Equilibrium Notes
Kinetics Notes
pH Notes
Neutralization and Hydrolysis
Acid-Base Titrations
Acids and Bases
Solutions and Solubilities
Separation Notes
Distillation Apparatus
Properties of Solutions
The Hindenberg Disaster
Solid Structures Regents Chem
Solids and Liquids Notes Regents
Types of Chemical Equations
Stoichiometry of Equations Notes
Balancing Chemical Equations and Stoichiometry
Formulas - Empirical and Molecular
Moles Notes
Nomenclature (Naming) Review
Naming Molecular Compounds
Naming Ionic Compounds
Molecular Shapes Notes
Chemical Bonding II - Covalent
Chemical Bonding I - Ionic and Metallic
Periodic Table Review and Interactive Table
Regents Periodic Table Trends
Regents Periodic Table Groups and Periods
Regents Unit 3 Artificial Radioactivity
Regents Chemistry Expectations
Gas Laws
AP Chapter 5 Thermochemistry
AP Chemistry Chapter 2 Notes
AP Chapter 25 Organic Chemistry
AP Chapter 20 Notes Electrochemistry
AP Chapter 19 Notes - Thermochemistry
AP Ch 17 Notes - Aqueous Equilibria
AP Chapter 16 Notes - Acids and Bases
AP Chapter 15 Notes Equilibrium
AP Chapter 14 Notes - Kinetics
AP Chapter 13 Notes - Solutions
AP Chapter 11 Intermolecular Forces, Solids and Liquids
AP Chapter 9 Molecular Shapes
AP Chapter 7 Notes Periodic Table
AP Chapter 6 Electrons
Chapter 21 Nuclear Chemistry
AP Chapter 4 Solutions and Equations Notes
AP Chapter 3 Stoichiometry Notes
AP Chapter 1 Notes
AP Chapter 10 Gases Notes
AP Chapter 8 Bonding
Regents Unit 4 Electron Configuration Notes
Regents Unit 4 Electrons Notes
Regents Unit 3 Atomic Stability
Chemical Bonding III - Intermolecular Bonds
Regents Periodic Table part one
Regents Unit 3 Atomic Theory Notes
Regents Unit 2 - Classification of Matter Chart
Regents Unit 2 - Matter - Because it Matters!
Regents Unit 2 - Matter and Energy