Office of Curriculum & Instruction

Common Core Mathematics Resources

In an effort to fully support teachers, students, and families, the Office of Curriculum & Instruction has compiled the following resources (Math Studio Talk Common Core Instruction Video Series) from the EngageNY website:

 Kindergarten - K.CC
 Kindergarten - K.OA and K.NBT
 1st Grade - 1.NBT
 1st Grade - 1.OA
 2nd Grade - 2.NBT
 2nd Grade - 2.OA
 3rd Grade - 3.NBT and 3NF
 3rd Grade - 3.OA
 4th Grade - 4.NBT
 4th Grade - 4NF
 4th Grade - 4.OA 
 5th Grade - 5.NBT
 5th Grade - 5.NF
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