District to Hold Mental Health Presentations at Ray Middle School

Although the physical health of students is continually at the forefront of discussion, the academic and social pressures that students face in our current society have led to more and more conversations with students and parents related to anxiety. To address this, the Baldwinsville Central School District will provide the students of Ray Middle School with presentations about living with mental illness, including anxiety and OCD as well as positive coping strategies to best manage these pressures that students face inside and outside of school.  
The presentations will take place on Thursday, December 22, 2016 in the Ray Middle School gymnasium. Each grade level will attend a 40 minute presentation given by Sophie Simone, her mother Maggie, and friend Erin Mordaunt. Sophie is a sophomore student at Baker High School who will share her personal story and share what she experiences on a day to day basis living with anxiety. Maggie and Erin will focus on their personal stories in ways they have worked to support Sophie in the challenges that she faces, both from the perspective of a parent raising a teenage high school student and a friend.
Following each grade level's presentation, students will attend break-out sessions in smaller groups. During the break-out sessions, teams will meet with support staff from within the District to learn more about feelings of anxiety, strategies for living with anxiety, and resources that are available for support.
The schedule for the day is as follows:
6th grade
  • Presentation from Maggie and Sophie Simone 8:00-8:40 am (during 2nd period)
  • Break-Out sessions with support staff 9:00-9:45 am (during 3rd period)
  • Normal school-day resumes at 9:55 at the beginning of 4th period
7th grade
  • Presentation from Maggie and Sophie Simone 9:10-9:50 am (during 3rd period)
  • Break-Out sessions with support staff 10:00-10:40 am (during 4th period)
  • Normal school-day resumes at 10:44 at the beginning of 5th period
This is an excellent opportunity for our students and a continued effort by the District to address some of the mental health related issues that our students here in Baldwinsville experience on a daily basis. If your child is in need of additional support, there are resources available within the school setting, as well as outside of the school setting. The Ray Middle School counseling office can be reached at 638-5117. Additional community resources and information for families about how to help children with mental health issues can be found under the website's “Parent & Students” tab HERE.
Last updated on 12/16/2016