Mr. Alex Ewing

 Mrs. Theobald
School Secretary

 Mrs. St. John
School Nurse
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Mrs. Huntington
Teacher Aide

• ALL visitors to the school must stop in the main office, sign in and wear a visitor's pass! 

            Raptor Visitor System

We use the Raptor program to check in our school visitors.  When you visit Palmer during school hours, you must present a driver’s license if you wish to visit any part of the school other than the main office or nurse’s office.  We will use Raptor during regular office hours to compare information taken from the license to databases of registered sex offenders.  Once a license is scanned by the office, and it is determined that the visitor is cleared, a visitor badge will be printed with your photo and name.  Your license will be returned along with the visitor badge.  



NYS Law requires School Boards to adopt a policy implementing procedures to notify parents if their child is absent from school and the parent has not notified the school.  In order to minimize interruptions at your place of employment, we request that you call the school to let the office know that your child will be absent or late.  We have an answering machine for you to call before or after school hours.  Please call 638-6127 and leave a message regarding your child’s absence.  Please let us know of an absence by 9:15 before we use the messaging service to leave a voice mail.   It is important to let the office know if there is any change in your contact information.

•Please use your Palmer 'Note' pad for Bus Passes.  Remember to put the route number of the bus your child is taking and the full address of where your child is going.

•The Palmer 'Note' pad is also used for absence excuses, late to school and early release.

•Inform the Office if you have any telephone number changes (home/work/cell).

•Morning announcements begin at 8:45.   Attendance is taken at 8:50.  If your child is late to school, make sure they stop in the Office and sign in before going to their classroom.

•If you are picking up your child at the end of the day, please be to school by 3:15.

•Please DO NOT park in the bus circle between 8:00 - 9:00 am, or 2:45 - 3:45 p.m.


Last updated on 7/5/2017