Van Buren Elementary
Main Office

20 Ford Street
Baldwinsville, NY 13027
Danielle Nahorney - Principal
School Secretary - Deanna Smith
Clerical - Kristin Budd
 Main Office (315) 638-6121
Dotty Reid - Health Office (315) 638-6123
Fax (315) 638-6170


  The Parent Portal contains information regarding grades and student assessments.  We encourage you to take a moment to log-into the portal and look around.  If you notice that an address, phone number, etc. are incorrect please feel free to call the Main Office at 638-6121.  We want to make sure all this information is available to you so if you are unable to log-into the parent portal for any reason please call the Main Office so we can help you.  We can easily update usernames and passwords upon request.


My School Promise

School is a place to learn.
I promise to always do my best.
And to help others learn.
My school is a place to be safe and happy.
I promise not to hurt others on the inside or the outside.
I am a good citizen!
I respect myself, my school, and others.

Student Drop Off at Start of School
Please remember that if you are dropping off your child for school after 8:50am, your child needs to go through the main office, not the parent drop off site.
Parent After School Pick-Up

A reminder to parents who pick up their child at dismissal from school:
Student call down to APR is now at 3:15pm
Parents will be let into the school for pick-up between 3:20 -3:30pm


Important Transportation Information

If your child needs to be transported to/from a day care or sitter for the 2017-2018 school year, you must submit a request form to the Transportation Department before AUGUST 14, 2017 to ensure that your child has transportation at the beginning of the school year. You must submit a request form for day care/sitter transportation every year, even if your day care/sitter has not changed from the previous year.

No changes will be made to bus routes between August 14, 2017 and September 11, 2017.

Download a Day Care/Sitter Request Form from the Transportation Department page on


Important Information from the Nurses Office

New immunization requirements for school entrance have been introduced by the New York State  Education Department and are effective September 1st, 2015. Please find a revised immunization notice containing a complete listing of the immunizations required for your student to attend school in the Fall on the Nurse's webpage.  If your child was in compliance last year, it is likely he/she is in compliance  this year - See more at:

New immunization requirements for school entrance have been introduced by the New York State  Education Department and are effective September 1st, 2015. Please find a revised immunization notice containing a complete listing of the immunizations required for your student to attend school in the Fall on the Nurse's webpage.  If your child was in compliance last year, it is likely he/she is in compliance  this year.

Changes of note:  ALL children attending school must have two MMR vaccinations (2 measles and mumps containing vaccinations and one rubella vaccination). Students entering K-7th grade require 4-5 doses of Dtap.  Students entering K, 1st, 6th and 7th grade require 3-4 polio vaccinations and 2 varicella vaccinations.  

Now is the time to review immunizations with your primary medical provider.  Talking with your primary provider now will prevent stress in the fall should the school nurse identify gaps in required vaccinations.  (School nurses are not available during the summer months.)  Although not required for school attendance, have a conversation with your provider about the new meningitis B vaccine. 

Thank you for your attention to this important State Education Department mandate and enjoy the summer months. - See more at:

New York State law requires a physical exam for all students entering the school district for the first time and when entering Pre-K or K, 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 10th grade. Physical forms must be submitted to the school nurses by the first day of school. For more info, visit the school nurses’ page at the link below.


Baldwinsville's Nurses Page


SchoolTool Parent Portal
Dear Parent/Guardian of Van Buren student,
 If you have not yet logged into your account, you must do so in order to view/print the report cards. Printed copies of the report cards will not be sent home any longer to parents who have an email account on file with the district. Our goal is to maximize our ability to communicate with you about your child's progress as effectively as possible and we're best able to do that through our SchoolTool Parent Portal.
We will gladly assist you with logging into your account for the first time. Please call Mrs. Budd at 638-6121 for assistance. You can also access the Parent Portal User's Guide on the district's web site.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in the Main Office at 638-6121.


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Parent-Student Handbook

Field Trip Permission Slip 2017/2018



Dear Van Buren Families,  

As an important partner in the education of your child, we need your help and cooperation to address concerns that have a significant impact on student safety.  We are committed to ensure a safe and secure environment for our students, staff, and visitors.    

Arrival and dismissal are busy times in an elementary school. Van Buren is no exception! Confusion along with the adult congestion in the building is a safety concern for us. Our staff and the PTA have reviewed our arrival and dismissal procedures and practices. With some changes in procedure, we hope to alleviate congestion, better oversee adult/child pairings and monitor our students as they enter and exit the building.   

While we expect that these new procedures will lengthen the time needed for parent pick-up we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Take a few minutes to read the new procedures and review them with your children.  

Dismissal Policy for Van Buren Elementary


Please keep in mind there is not supervision available outside before school begins nor on playgrounds after school.

The school day begins at 8:35 AM. Please do not leave your children at school before 8:35 AM. Students are not allowed to enter the building prior to 8:35 unless attending the YMCA before/after school care program in the All Purpose Room.

All entrance doors to Van Buren School are on an automated system and are locked between 8:45 am and 3:15 pm. The main entrance at the front of the building is the only access point for parents and visitors to the building during these hours.

8:45 and 3:15

1. Enter the front main entrance doors to the inner foyer, which has an intercom call button and camera.

2. Press the intercom call button located on the right side wall to speak to directly to the office staff (You may be asked to show identification, or give additional information before being given access to the building.

3. Wait for office staff to remotely open the inner foyer doors.

4. Enter the main office to sign in and pick up a Visitor Pass


Early Dismissal 

We are receiving an increasing number of calls after 1:00 PM from parents wanting to pick up their children at dismissal time. As a result, there are unnecessary and often multiple interruptions to afternoon instruction. Please note that from this point on, if you call the office after 1:00 PM to notify us that you want to pick up your child at dismissal, that notification will not be made to the classroom and your child until 3:15 PM. The best way to have your child ready for early dismissal is by a NOTE written to the classroom teacher. Second to that is a call to the Main Office at 638-6121. Please understand that this change is to minimize disruption to afternoon instruction taking place in the building. We appreciate your cooperation


If you are coming to pick your child up at dismissal please come into the first set of doors in the foyer area at 3:15 p.m. Once all the students have arrived in the cafeteria for pick-up we will open the foyer doors and ask that you to go directly to the cafeteria to sign out and pick up your child. Once you get to the cafeteria you will sign your child out and then be free to go. If you are picking up your child for the first time you must show proper identification. Please remember to send a note of when your child will be picked up (every day, every Tuesday, etc.). If your child is being picked up from school on just one given day please send a note in with your child on the day of that pickup.

For all grades will begin at 3:25 dependent on bus arrival. Buses will be called by route number. Bus students will exit the building using the front sets of doors by the gym and by the office. Teachers will keep track of bus numbers called and students leaving the classroom.  STUDENTS WITHOUT NOTES ON FILE FOR ALTERNATE DISMISSAL PLANS WILL BE PUT ON THE BUS. 

At 3:30 walkers will report to the APR and be dismissed at office discretion between 3:30 and 3:45.

 A WALKER is a student who has written parental permission on file to leave school and walk home unattended by an adult.  

Students staying after school for special activities and clubs such as boy and girl scouts will be dismissed at 3:20. 

At 3:30 a bell will dismiss all YMCA students to the APR.  

At dismissal volunters will be expected to follow the same dismissal procedures for parent pick up.


Van Buren Elementary School

Secure Entry System and Photo ID Procedure


Dear Parents, 

In an effort to maintain the safety of all of the students at Van Buren, we have the following security procedures in place. 

Raptor Visitor Badge System:

We use the Raptor program to check in our school visitors. This will apply to visitors with whom we are both familiar and unfamiliar. When you visit Van Buren during school hours, you must present a driver's license if you wish to visit any part of the school other than the office reception area. 

We will use Raptor during regular office hours to compare information taken from the ID (names, birthday, etc.) to databases of registered sex offenders. Once a driver’s license is scanned by the school employee- and it is determined that the visitor is not a registered sex offender – a visitor badge will be printed with a photo and the person can proceed to their destination. Your driver's license will be returned when the school employee presents the visitor badge to you. This process takes about 30 to 45 seconds.  

Those visitors without a driver’s license will be asked for other picture identification to enter the building beyond the reception area and asked to wear a visitor’s badge. 


 Secure Door Entry System

When you visit Van Buren, you will continue to enter and exit out of the Main Doors located in the front bus circle. Please remember that between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM all visitors are asked to use the front main doors.  

Entry Procedures during school hours: The exterior main doors will be unlocked upon your arrival. However, inside the vestibule you will find three locked doors. On the right wall is a security pad and camera. You will press the button and Office Personnel will greet you via the intercom from the office. The camera will capture your image and they will ask you to identify yourself and the purpose of your visit. When you hear a buzz, the far right door will be released and you can pull it open. At that point please do the following: 

      1. Go into the Main Office. Let the Office Personnel know the purpose of your visit.
      2. If you are dropping off something for a student, you can give it to the Office Personnel and they will deliver it to your child.
      3.  If you are visiting a classroom or staff member for a previously scheduled appointment or event please follow the Raptor Visitor Badge System described above.

Unannounced requests to visit a classroom/staff member:  If you need to talk with a teacher it is best to contact them via telephone, email or a note to ask your question or to schedule an appointment. Though it may seem convenient to stop and see them in the morning, please remember that this is not a good time for them as they have a classroom full of students to supervise and they are unable to converse with you at that time. Because a teacher cannot leave for a private conversation, respecting your family’s privacy is impossible in a classroom full of children. Unannounced requests to visit a classroom/staff member may be denied. 

Walking your child to his/her classroom:  In order to provide optimum safety for all children, we ask that you do not walk your child to his or her classroom in the morning if you bring them to school. Staff, as well as our Student Safety Patrol, is stationed throughout the hallways to assist any child. If there is a special circumstance that requires you to walk your child to class (e.g. delivering a project), then please sign in and follow the above procedures. 

Please know that all of us at Van Buren welcome parents and families to our school. We want you to participate fully in your child’s education. Our goal is also to provide all students with a safe learning environment. We appreciate your assistance as we attempt to achieve this goal. If you should have any questions about these procedures please do not hesitate to contact me.  



Physical Exams

All students in kindergarten, 2nd grade, 4th grade, or who are new to the Baldwinsville Central School District are required by New York State Education Law to have a physical exam.

 Please visit link below for more information



The school nurse cannot give any over-the-counter medications without a note from a physician. 

Occasionally it may be necessary for a student to take prescription or non-prescription medication during school hours. For all medication that must be administered during the school day: Parents/guardians must bring in the medication to the Health Office. All medication must be in its original container along with a permission note signed by a physician. The note must include information such as dosage, frequency, and the name of the prescribed medication. 

 ***Please come to the Main Office if you are signing out a student who is ill or has an appointment outside of school. The Health Office is located in the Main Office.***


Lost & Found

If your child has misplaced any articles of clothing, lunch time containers, or school related items, have them check the Lost and Found. It is located in the APR.  It will be cleaned out at the end of each quarter.  Any items not picked up will be donated.

Last updated on 9/13/2017