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Office of Curriculum & Instruction

Commitment to Excellence

The Baldwinsville Central School District has a long-standing Commitment to Excellence.

  • The district has consistently graduated more than 90% of our students with a Regents Diploma.  On average, more than 60% of students graduate with a Regents Diploma with Advance Designation.

  • Almost all of Baker High School students graduate with college credits and many graduate with a semester or more of college credits.

  • 90% or more of Baker High School graduates are annually enrolled in post graduate education (two- or four-year college or university), with many students attending some of the nation's most prestigious universities.

  • District students consistently outperform their peers on New York State Assessments and Regents Examinations, as well as on ACT and SAT examinations.

Our Goal

In alignment with the Baldwinsville Central School District Comprehensive Long-Range Plan (2012-2017), the Office of Curriculum and Instruction will maintain high standards in order to ensure that all students meet or exceed state and local standards.

Our Mission

  • Provide every student with the educational experiences and opportunities that will foster the full development of his or her potential

    We will continually strive for excellence by:

  • Supporting and respecting all who are involved with our students to maximize each student's potential as a self-directed learner and responsible citizen

  • Fostering critical thinking, problem solving, communication, independence and interdependence, creativity, and the technological skills imperative for a successful future in a changing global economy

  • Promoting broad-based educational standards of excellence

  • Improving curriculum, technology and staff development

  • Providing student-focused programs that respond to diversity of abilities, backgrounds, interests and needs

  • Recognizing that students learn in different ways

  • Promoting ability to change

  • Fostering an environment that is challenging and secure, as well as ecologically and aesthetically conducive to learning

The members of the Office of Curriculum & Instruction include:

  • Joseph DeBarbieri - Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction  Lynn Hildreth - Administrative Aide

  • Linda Law - Director of Curriculum & Instruction (K-12)  Jaci Franc - Secretary

  • Jennifer Sawyer - Technology Integration / Curriculum Specialist (K-12)

  • Eric Ziegler - Technology Integration / Curriculum Specialist (K-12)

All members of this department provide direct support to instructional staff members and departments within the Baldwinsville Central School District in order to implement research-based curriculum and related staff development.

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction provides the following services to the instructional staff members of the Baldwinsville Central School District:

  • Guide the writing of curriculum documents in all areas

  • Guide the development of baseline and summative assessments

  • Provide staff development to support the implementation of the curriculum

  • Guide a data-driven decision making process to improve instructional programs

  • Provide support in the use of technology to meet curriculum goals and empower student learning

  • Manage district initiatives focused on supporting the Baldwinsville Central School District curriculum

  • Understanding the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS)

Parent Resources (Documents/Files)

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