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Peachjar Flyers

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District Begins Electronic Flyer Distribution through Peachjar 

The Baldwinsville Central School District is committed to educational excellence and ensuring that parents stay informed about important activities and events in the local area that enhance their child’s life. In an effort to improve parent and community engagement, the district is now using Peachjar, an electronic flyer communication tool, to send digital flyers directly to our families. Paper flyers from organizations are no longer sent home in backpacks.
Peachjar is a free, opt-out program, so you will automatically receive electronic flyers via email unless you opt out. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link that will be provided with every email.
Digital flyers are emailed directly to parents who will see them as visually engaging images right on their smartphone or computer screen. Additionally, all flyers are available on each school specific Peachjar website. All flyers are preapproved by district administration before they are emailed to parents, and your email will not be used by Peachjar for any other purpose or shared with any other company or organization.

To Post A Flyer

If you are a non-profit organization and would like to post your upcoming flyer through Peachjar, please click HERE for more information. Peachjar charges organizations and program providers a fee for this service. The distribution fee is typically less than the cost of paper, printing and delivering flyers to the schools. You can find pricing information HERE.

After your flyer has been submitted, it will be routed automatically to the district office for approval. All flyers must adhere to the guidelines listed below.


Flyer Distribution Guidelines
All flyers must be approved by the school district and must meet the following guidelines:
  1. All flyers not generated by the district or its schools must have the following disclaimer: The Baldwinsville Central School District does not endorse and is not responsible for any business, services, or event advertised in this flyer.  Flyers without this disclaimer will not be approved for distribution.
  1. Flyers must promote an educational experience for students or parents, a healthy use of leisure time and/or a special enrichment activity not duplicated by the district or an affiliated program.
  1. Originate from a local non-profit organization.
  1. Must be submitted two weeks prior to distribution date.
The Baldwinsville Central School District will not approve the distribution of:
  • Materials for projects, activities or programs that would publicize or promote a particular church, religious organization, or religious view point.
  • Materials for projects, activities or programs that would publicize or promote a particular political party, political organization or political viewpoint.
  • Materials for projects, activities or programs that would publicize or promote a for-profit business.
  • Materials for projects, activities or programs that the district deems as not suitable for children.