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BCSD Building Projects


Funding Improvements & Building the Future

In the fall of 2018, the District embarked on a transparent and collaborative process with SES Study Team, LLC and community representatives to analyze and discuss District data and the future use of our buildings. The Community Advisory Committee identified options for future programming and potential facilities as they relate to the program vision of the Baldwinsville Central School District. We called this process Funding the Future. In October 2019, the Study options were presented after working with the Community Advisory Committee. The Pandemic took precedent for a period of time until efforts could be refocused on Funding the Future.  In the Fall of 2020, the District began working on a plan with the State Education Department that addressed physical infrastructure options presented by the committee.  

The Facilities Committee agreed to bring a project forward in June of 2021. This project initially involved multiple phases that would shift 5th grade to Ray Middle School and 7th grade to Durgee Junior High School. We began working on plans to create additional space at Durgee and presented preliminary renderings to the public in August 2021.  District leaders, the Facilities Committee and Board of Education reviewed the project cost of the initial proposal and decided to reduce the scope of the project due to the escalating construction costs. Therefore, the project was reduced to include only work at Durgee and resulted in an overall project estimate of $32.8 million versus the original project cost of $89 million. The plans for the 2022 capital improvement project were scaled back to be financially responsible during this time. The proposed work does not currently include realignment of grade levels, renovations at Ray, second floor additions at Durgee, or any major renovations of fields and parking on the main campus. This proposed work was carefully thought out to support the current students in the Durgee building, while also allowing for future work that could support grade level realignment in the future. The Facilities Committee is continuing to work on the next capital project proposal to ensure we continue to improve our infrastructure. The scaled back project drastically decreases the impact to the taxpayers.  

When residents go to the polls in May to decide on the 2022-2023 school budget and other propositions, they will also be asked to cast their votes on a capital improvement project. The $32.8 million capital project will allow the District to make renovations and improvements to Durgee Junior High School. 

The work at Durgee involves construction of a new gymnasium and STEAM space. The project also includes the reconstruction and reconfiguration of the existing technology, music and art space, media center, kitchen, cafeteria and gymnasium. The main office will be housed near the nurses office and guidance to create a safe and secure main entrance off the bus loop. Upgrades to the building’s infrastructure are also included in the project.

The $32.8 million project will be funded by $24.8 million in State Building Aid, $5 million from the Capital Reserve Fund and $3 million raised from taxes. Taxes are projected to increase by approximately $12.77 for a home with a market value of $100,000.  To learn more about the project CLICK HERE.


2021 $3.8 Million Project

In May 2021, Baldwinsville Central School District Voters approved a $3,813,200 Capital Project which accomplishes the following:

Durgee Jr. High School Estimated cost $1,346,600
• Replace Broken Sanitary Line - 300 Wing Boys Restroom
• Water Heater Replacement
• Exterior Shading Devices to Mitigate Overheating of South Facing Classrooms
• Interior Domestic Water Line Upgrade/ Replacement
• Replace Exterior Doors and Frames at Courtyards
• Air Handling and Ventilation System Upgrades & Replacements
• Replace Gymnasium Air Handling Unit’s, Fin Tube Radiation/Convectors and Equipment Controls
• Provide Power Wiring for HVAC Upgrades
• Provide Roof Top Ventilation Units for Main Office Suite
• Provide Roof Top Ventilation and AC Units for Choral and Band Room
Ray Middle School Estimated cost $135,000
• Site Sanitary Service Upgrade/Replacement (Cut in Clean out on 6th Grade Side)
McNamara Elementary Estimated cost $749,000
• Replace Forced Main, Sewage Ejection
• Modify Sanitary Piping
• Provide Additional Parking
Reynolds Elementary Estimated cost $672,600
• Replace the classroom Unit Ventilators and Equipment controls
• Address Traffic Concerns at Entrance Drive and Provide Additional Parking
Palmer Elementary Estimated cost $910,000
• Provide Sanitary Main from School to Town’s Sanitary Line System

Projected Cost
• Building Aid Ratio 86.4%
• Average Annual Tax Levy Impact (15 Year Amortization) $67,137
• Annual Tax Impact on $100,000 Full Value Home $2.60

Smart Schools - Phase 2

In 2014, New York State voters approved the Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014, giving the state permission to issue a one-time $2 billion bond to finance educational technology capital projects to improve learning and opportunities for all students. Capital projects may include classroom technology, high-tech security, school internet connectivity, and classroom trailer replacement.
In order to be considered for funds, all schools are required to submit a Smart Schools Investment Plan to the state to outline how the Smart Schools funding will be used to provide educational tools and opportunities that students need to succeed.
The state allocated roughly $3.6 million to the Baldwinsville Central School District. The first phase of the plan was upgrading the district’s network infrastructure, which the state approved and the district has completed.
For the second phase of the plan, the district would like to spend $2.1 million of Smart Schools money for safety and security upgrades. The District's Amended Phase II Plan can be found HERE.

2016 Building Project

On February 9, 2016, district residents approved the 2016 Capital Project. The $32.4 million project allows the district to continue its goal of maintaining and improving its facilities to provide students with a safe and healthy learning environment. Like your home, the district’s facilities are under a constant state of maintenance. The scope of the project includes:
New Transportation Facility – $24 Million
The district is building a new bus garage on industrial, nontaxable land located in the Radisson Corporate Park to provide the department with much needed space, to reduce traffic congestion and diesel fumes in the village, and to increase our parking facilities for district events. You can view progress photos of construction HERE.
Baker High School Kitchen Remodel - $1.2 Million
The kitchen is original to the building and in need of new coolers and new floor and wall tiles. The configuration of the kitchen is no longer efficient for the amount of meals that must be prepared and served. A new design will create additional space, improve service, allow for more meal options, and ultimately result in cost savings for Food Service. Work on this project is anticipated to begin in June 2019. The district received approval for the plans in Janaury 2019. You can watch a short video to see what the cafeteria will look after the kitchen is remodel by clicking HERE.
Replace Press Box and Lights at Pelcher-Arcaro Stadium - $600,000
The 2014 capital project included new ADA accessible bleachers at the stadium, and we had planned on using the old press box. However, this proved to be impractical and the press box has been replaced to fit the new bleacher design. The stadium lights were 30 years old, not energy efficient, and  inadequate for current extracurricular needs and have been replaced. They were replaced in the summer of 2017 with new energy efficient LED lights. Pelcher-Arcaro Stadium is the first stadium in an upstate school district to have LED lights.
Other Items - $6.6 Million
* The roof of Elden Elementary School  and the Baldwinsville Public Library have been replaced. Work on the roof of  Van Buren Elementary School is expected to begin in the summer of 2018.
* Replace damaged lockers at several buildings, masonry and window work, and repurposing of current bus garage.
Alternative Items
Market prices can bring good deals for school districts. By using bid alternates, we may be able to do more work within the project budget, including boilers and air handling equipment at Durgee, masonry and window work at Baker, and replacement of damaged lockers at Durgee.