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Community Resources for Mental Health

In the spring of 2016, the District established a mental health committee in response to community concerns about our students’ mental health, including suicide awareness and available mental health resources for all community members.
The committee developed a list of resources, which you can find on the District’s website HERE.
We have also posted information for families on how to help children with mental health issues. You can read it HERE.
In August 2017, staff members received mental health training focusing on the signs and symptoms of the seven most common types of mental health disorders, available resources, crisis response, and the documentation and reporting of a crisis. In September, District administrators will receive training based on new state mandates related to mental health and safety, including suicide prevention.
The Baldwinsville Central School District is committed to helping its students and the community in any way possible, including putting mental health on the same level as physical health. We are fortunate to have such a strong community made up of concerned members who are willing to come together and support one another in the interest of everyone’s safety and mental and physical well-being.

Liberty Resources School-Based Mental Health Program Available to Students at Ray, Durgee and Baker

In fall of 2017, the district welcomed the Liberty Resources School-Based Mental Health Program to Ray Middle School, Durgee Junior High School, and Baker High School. This partnership enables the district to address the increasing need for mental health supports for students and their families by hosting a licensed therapist’s office in each of the secondary schools.
The office in each school is private and solely dedicated to Liberty Resources and its mental health services for students and their families. The clinic staff are employees of Liberty Resources, not of the school district. Each school has established a system in its guidance office enabling students to discreetly sign in when they have appointments with the therapist.
Some of the resources offered through the school-based mental health therapist’s office are:

  • Individual therapy;
  • Family counseling – at school, in the student’s home, or at a clinic;
  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management; and
  • Crisis consultation/intervention.

The program is designed to increase the accessibility of mental health care for Baldwinsville’s students and families by reducing barriers to care, including time and transportation issues. A student does not have to leave his or her school for an appointment, and flexible scheduling allows students to work their appointments around study halls and lunch so that instruction time is not disrupted.
In order to see a Liberty Resources therapist, the therapist must receive a referral from parents/guardians or school staff. The therapist meets with the parents/guardians initially to receive their approval for the services. All of the student’s information and mental health records remain confidential and are not shared with the school unless parents have given Liberty Resources the permission to do so. The program bills a student’s health insurance, and if any co-pays are necessary, a bill is sent by regular mail to the student’s home so that no payment is necessary at the time of service.

If you are interested in more information on Liberty Resources and the services that are offered at Ray, Durgee and Baker, please call Liberty Resources at 315-472-4471 or call your child's guidance counselor.  You can also read their brochure HERE.