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After School & Extracurricular Activities

Click on a school name to see what after-school and extracurricular activities are offered as well as the staff member(s) who is the advisor.
Baker High School Durgee Jr. High School Ray Middle School Elden Elementary School
McNamara Elementary School Palmer Elementary School Reynolds Elementary School Van Buren Elementary School

Baker High School

Baker Fitness Room -  Ron Hysick
Marching Band  - Casey Vanderstouw
Pep Band - Casey Vanderstouw
Jazz Band - Casey Vanderstouw
Company B - Megan Brody
Electrathon Racing Team - Jamie Cuyler 
Amnesty International - Niki Campbell & Jen Medwid
Art Club - Katie Herrmann
Business Club - Gary Pluff & Meghan Titus
Chess Club - Tom Sikora
Community Wide Dialogue – Meredith Riggs
Drama Club – Melissa Morgan
Environmental Club – Mark Penhollow
FCCLA – Chrissy Rode
Film Club – Leslie Cartier & Melissa Morgan
French Club – Elena Southard
Friend to Friend 
Genius Bar – Leslie Cartier
German Club - Ben Gerardi
Interact Club – Beth Chetney
Key Club – Alexis VanKuren & Kallie Mathis
Math League – Beth Fox
Model UN – Patty Mullaney, Heather Mautz
Musical - Colin Keating
National Honor Society – Karel James & Sue Schumacher
Positivity Project - Meredith Riggs
Programming Club – Tom Sikora
Psychology Club - Drew Thomas
Robotics Club – Matt Hudson
Rugby Club - Gennaro D'Agostino
Science Olympiad – Rebecca Humphrey &  Peter Morgan
Ski Club – Michelle Kuraszewicz
Spanish Club – Mark Widrick
Vinyl Club – Casey Vanderstouw
WBXL – Mike Malecki
WBXL TV - Leslie Cartier
Winter Drumline - Casey Vanderstouw
Winter Guard - Casey Vanderstouw
Writers Guild – Michelle Kuraszewicz
Yearbook – Sarah Rodriguez & Kathy King

Durgee Junior High School

Yearbook - Mrs. Young
Jr Honor Society - Mrs. Rolfe & Mrs. Holmes
Student Council - Mrs. DeCaro
Freshman Council (9th graders only) - Mrs. Rolfe & Mrs. Holmes
Tone Colors - Mrs. Brody
Interact Club - Mrs. Chetney
Math League (8th graders only) - Mrs. Dupra
Ski Club - Ms. Ager
Garden Club - Mr. Houston
Durgee Musical - Ms. Hopkins
Astronomy Club - Mrs. Gravante
Writers Guild - Mrs. Stolz
Robotics Club - Mrs. Fletcher
Esports Team - Mrs. Cesari
Battle of the Books - Mrs. Cesari & Mrs. Rolfe
Project Lit Book Club - Mrs. Cesari
Durgee School Store/Durgee Bee Squad - Mrs. Cesari
German Club - Mr. Gerardi
Exit 11 Pops Orchestra - Mrs. Stoll

Ray Middle School

Bee Sharps - Violin, viola, cello, bass and piano players are selected for this advanced music group based on an audition. The group rehearses weekly for concerts and events held throughout the community.
Contact: Mrs. Bearup

Katz Pajamaz Jazz Ensemble
Contact: Mr. Ezzo

Math League
Contact: Ms. Frascatore or Ms. Schrader

Ray Riffers Jazz Choir - The group is a choir of 6th and 7th graders, selected through auditions. Students must be enrolled in 6th or 7th grade chorus. The group performs a variety of music, including pop, jazz, and modern. The Ray Riffers perform at the school's holiday and spring concerts as well as the school's jazz concert that features a guest jazz musician.
Contact: Ms. Kenyon

Running Club
Contact: Tiffany Stubbmann

Ray Ski Club
Contact: Karen Pickard

Contact: Mr. Ohrazda

Student Council
Contact: Ms. Hart or Mr. Kowalski

Ray Yearbook
Mrs. Klasen, Room 160 or Ms. Kerr, Room 187 or 229

Elden Elementary School

Intramurals -  Anne Marie Kanoza and Mary Beth Cavalieri
STEM Club -  Kim Hunt and Melissa Demjanenko
Student Council - Christie Sperry 
Wellness Club - Anne Marie Kanoza and Mary Beth Cavalieri
Yearbook - Kimberly Hunt

McNamara Elementary School

Running/Walking Club (mornings, fall) - Ms. Volz
Health and Wellness - Ms. Volz
Basketball Intramurals (fall) - Mrs. Johnstone, Mrs. Manton, Mr. Smith
Girls on the Run (spring) - Ms. Corbishley
STEM Club - Mr. Smith
Yearbook - Mr. Smith
Student Council - Ms. Zimmer, Mrs. Manton

Palmer Elementary School 

STEM - Kimberly Hodgson
Student Council - Rena James
Wellness Club - Andy Ehle
Intramurals - Andy Ehle 
Yearbook - Cindy Edwards & Suzanne Kick
Girls on the Run - Suzi Kick

Reynolds Elementary School

Cross-Country Club
Bee-HEALTHY & WELLness-Club
Pickleball Club
March Madness Basketball
Track & Field Club
BeeFIT Faculty Friday
Contact: Colleen Natale
Student Council
 Megan Eschmann & Katherine Reap

STEM Club 
Kelly Nugent

: Marisa Casciano & Lisa Seeley

Van Buren Elementary School

Debate Club - Christine Osborne
STEM Club - Sarah Parrish, Wendy Creno
Student Council - Kristy Hall
Girls On The Run - Mrs. Teich
Yearbook - Karen Bregande