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Board of Education Spotlight

October 22, 2018
October 22 – 26 is School Board Recognition Week in New York State to honor and give thanks to school board members across the state for their dedicated service and commitment to the educational needs of their communities.
The Baldwinsville Central School District honored its Board members at the October 22 meeting with a gift presentation from each school in the District. Thank you to our Board members for donating their time and talents to ensure that Baldwinsville students receive the programs they need to reach their full potential every day.
Palmer Elementary School
Students presented Board members with handmade gifts of wordart. 
a little girl in a purple dress shakes hands with a woman in a black sweater
a girl and a little boy give a woman a gift
Baker High School
To honor the Board, the school presented two musical performances. Maddie and Caleb Butchko sang a song for the Board and Pep Band/Marching Band members who recently recorded a record in Nashville performed a song.
a teeanage boy and girl sing on a stage
band students play saxophones and tubas
Van Buren Elementary School
The school’s fourth and fifth-grade chorus performed a song for the Board.
a chorus of young boys and girls dressed in red sing as their teacher directs them
McNamara Elementary School
McNamara student council members  read thank you notes that they wrote and then presented them to Board members. 
a young girl speaks into a microphone to read a note
a young girl shakes hands with a woman
Elden Elementary School
Principal Thomas Coughlin presented a video that the school made to tell the Board members how much its students and staff appreciate their commitment to providing Baldwinsville students with an excellent education, and two students handed out homemade cookies to the Board members.
a young girl speaks into a microphone while a little boy looks on
Reynolds Elementary School
Principal Melissa Chiodo showed a special video that students made to thank the Board and gave each a gift.
Ray Middle School
Students  presented each member of the Board with a handmade gift after thanking them for their committment to their education.
a teenage boy speaks before a group of people
Durgee Junior High School
Principal Bonnie Van Benschoten presented each member with a gift created by Durgee technology students.
a  woman holds up a sign with a red bee on it
October 1, 2018
The Board Spotlight featured the official opening of the redesigned Durgee Junior High School library lab, The Pod. Board of Education members visited The Pod for the spotlight portion of the meeting.
The redesign of the Durgee library lab was entirely student driven, planned, and coordinated during the 2017-18 school year by eighth-grade students taking the Project Lead the Way Design, Drawing and Production class with technology teacher Rebecca Fletcher.
Students were tasked with creating a collaborative, innovative learning space. They followed the engineering design process, which include research, testing, and the development of a solution. Their work included surveying students and staff, analyzing trends in the use of the Durgee library lab, analyzing learning spaces at other schools and universities, creating a floor plan and determining necessary technology and furniture while adhering to a budget.
The students who were involved in the lab redesign are:
Sydney Huhtala
Ryan Isham
Carson Way
Ava Bagan
Luke Baker
Owen Weaver
Bella Cartier
Zach Davis
Sara Hunter
Paige Rockwood
Durgee staff members who oversaw the students are Rebecca Fletcher, technology teacher, and Lindsay Cesari, library media specialist.
a boy and girl cut a red ribbon with a large pair of scissors a group of students and teachers sit in front of a classroom
September 10, 2018
The Board welcomed the district's new teachers to Baldwinsville with a reception before the start of the meeting.
Three men and three women stand together and smile for the camera
Baker High School New Staff
Four men and two women are smiling and standing together
Durgee Junior High School New Staff
Two men and one woman stand with their arms around each other
Jennifer Przybylski, New Assistant Principal at 
Ray Middle School
Two men and three women stand together, smiling for the camera
Elden Elementary School New Staff
Three women and two men stand together
McNamara Elementary School New Staff
Four women and four men stand together smiling
Palmer Elementary School New Staff
Six women and two men standing together smiling
Reynolds Elementary School New Staff
Two women and two men stand together smiling
Van Buren Elementary School New Staff
August 27, 2018

The Board honored community members who provided donations for the fifth-grade end of year celebration held on the district’s main campus on June 20, 2018.  

Tom Czyz of Armoured One, and Chris Bernhard of Day Automation
Armoured One and Day Automation provided the tee shirts that the fifth-graders wore to commemorate the special event.
Yves Gabriel, Assistant Manager, Costco – On behalf of Costco, Mr. Gabriel donated the food and beverages for the celebration.
The Board also honored volunteers, past and present, from PAC-B TV, who have given their time and talent to provide the community with programming of the event and activities of the district for almost 20 years.  

Joe Loffredo – Mr. Loffredo recently retired from his volunteer work with PAC-B TV. He saw a need to provide the community with programming of district activities and was instrumental in beginning the organization’s coverage of activities, including Board meetings, sports and concerts.
Andy Dryden – Mr. Dryden is the Chair of PAC-B TV.
Gary Reisman –has volunteered since 2001 and does the play by play for district sports programming.
John O’Neill – volunteered as a videographer from 2001 to 2015, covering sports and concerts.
Jerry Elliott – has volunteered as a videographer since 2005 covering district concerts.
Bob Edgett –has volunteered since 2005 filming concerts.
Shawn Socker – has been doing the play by play for district sports since 2015.
Mike Stolicker – has volunteered as an analyst since 2014.
Mike Toper – was a student when he volunteered and did play by play from 2001 to 2005.
Ken Brown – has been doing play by play for wrestling since 2011.
Matt Taylor – Since 2008, Matt has been filming the Board of Education meetings.
 The Board honored the following volunteers posthumously:
Jim Lowery – was the producer and interviewer for the BEE a Good Sport segment and did play by play from 2003 to 2010.
Colin Kahl – was a videographer from 2004 to 2013. He was also a member of our Board of Education from 2005 to 2011.
Two men and one woman stand together. One of the men is holding a gift bag.
Chris Bernhard of Day Automation
Two men and one woman stand together. One of the men holds a gift bag.
Ives Gabriel, Assistant Manager, Costco
A group of 15 men and women stand together in a cafeteria. Some of them are holding gift bags.
PAC-B TV Volunteers
July 9, 2018

The board honored Baldwinsville students who graduated from OCM BOCES programs in June 2018.

OCM BOCES Career & Technical Education Program Graduates
Laura Adams
Bailey Austin
Kevin Bailey
Chloee Barnes
Levi Barnes
Cameron Beckley
Tapaingga Bird
Alexis Blaisdell
Jacob Boshart
Serina Bower
Timothy Butler
Kyle Chase
Carissa Coomey
Anne Gorham
Lucas Goulet
Casey Hargrave
Nicholas Hartle
Jeffrey Heffron
Isabellah Hightower
Ariana Hubbard
Alexis Huff
Andrew Johnson
Zachary Jones
Christopher Kline
Daniel Kline
Aaron LaShomb
Charlee Matthews
Robert-Michael Murawski
David Oakes
Destiny Paige
Shaelyn Parnell
Sarah Pfeiffer
Daniel Redfield
Bryanne Reynolds
Lindsay Sacco
Konstantin Sergeev
Lisette Sherard
Wyatt Shute
Joshua Smith
Shelby Stisser
Alexis Townsend
Alyssa Tucker
Grey Van Der Water
Amanda Walser
Molly Forester
Kaitlin Bivens
Nicholas Price
Turning Point
Jacob Genett

Transitions at OCC
Thad Szczurek
Innovation Tech
Mark Hoe
Topacio Ortiz
Theodore Thompson
Amber Venturi

Chase McArdell
Nathan Huffman
five students holding envelopes stand with three men two students with envelopes stand with three men
a student holding an envelope stands with three men a student holding an envelope stands with three men
June 18, 2018

The board honored community members, softball players, and staff members who volunteered their time to rebuild the dugouts of the softball field at Ray Middle School earlier this school year. These individuals are: 
Jamie Cuyler
Adam Cuyler
Jacob Cuyler
Tom Ross
Don Young
Kayla Young
Anthony Ascioti
Robin Ascioti
Madison Ascioti
Ray Grabowski
Jessica Parnell
Bryan Trendowski
Tom Tripodi
David Stagnitta
Paul Mizer
Jeff Fortais
Robert Hass
Gabrielle Hass
Tim Phinney
Mattison Phinney
Mike Stisser
Shelby Stisser
Kallie Mathis
Rob Branshaw
Chloe Branshaw
Grace Branshaw
Brittany Cole
Bailey McAlwain
Colleen Sewall
Gabrielle Carr
a group of men, women and students holding certificates
The board also recognized spring athletes and teams that participated in state competition.
Girls Crew – Coach Christopher Ludden
The girls crew Junior 4+ Boat took home the gold, winning the NYS Championships in their category on May 13 in Saratoga. Boat members included:  Sydney VanAuken, Alena Criss, Erin Mordaunt, Grace Skapura, and Hannah Norton. The Junior 4+ boat also participated in the Nationals in Camden, NJ on May 24.
two men and four girls stand together holding certificates
Track & Field – Coaches William Spicer & Michael Scuderi
The following athletes competed in the state championships:
  • Kieran Sheridan – 400 meter dash – 2nd Place in NYS and 4th in the Federation
  • Nate Jaquint – Pentathlon – 7th Place in NYS and 9th in the Federation
  • Justus Holden-Betts – 400 hurdles – 13th Place in NYS
  • Adriana Straughter – Pentathlon – 4th Place in NYS and 4th in the Federation
a group of adults and students stand together
Varsity Baseball – Coach David Penafeather
The team is the state runner-up for Class AA, the Class AA regional champion and the Section 3 Class AA champion.
Members of the team are:
John Andres
Trey Blasi
Michael Carni
Casey Collins
Daniel Coogan
Christopher Dwyer
Jeb Farneth
Nathan Johns
Frank Levanti
Jacob Marshall
Patrick May
Matthew Mercurio
Zachary Monica
Anthony Nardelli
Nathan Ray
Lucas Robinson
Jason Savacool
Matthew Starczewski
Cameryn Williams
members of the boys baseball team wearing red shirts and holding certificates
June 4, 2018

The Board of Education honored several teachers and students at its June 4 meeting.
Baker High School Librarian – Leslie Cartier
Leslie Cartier has been named a winner of the CNY School Librarians Soaring Through Excellence Super Librarian Award. This award honors librarians who have made significant contributions to envisioning and building the future of school library services.
two women and a man smile for the camera
Durgee Junior High School 9th Grade Social Studies Teachers
Jennifer AuClair, Lisa Froelick, Amy Stewart, and Kelly Will, Durgee Junior High School's 9th grade social studies teachers, were recognized for being awarded the CNYCSS 2018 Outstanding High School Social Studies Teacher award.
five women and one man smile for the camera
Students Who Earned the Seal of Biliteracy
Four Baker High School students have earned the NYS Seal of Biliteracy. In order to earn the seal students must demonstrate proficiency in a second language. On May 22, our students were required to defend their portfolios in front of a panel of evaluators at OCM BOCES. Successful candidates will have the Seal of Biliteracy affixed to their diplomas upon graduation. These students are:
  • Blake Battersby - German
  • Elinor Grage - French
  • Ben Iven - German
  • Anna Miller - German
three women and three men smile for the camera
May 21, 2018
The Ray Middle School jazz orchestra, the Bee Sharps, performed under the direction of teacher Jennifer Bearup. On May 11, the Bee Sharps won 1st place in their division and also the Grand Judges Award and a trophy for the top score of all of the performing ensembles at the Darien Lake Music Competition that day.
a group of students perform with cellos and violins girls playing violins
The Board honored four students for their achievements in the OCM BOCES automotive program. 

Congratulations to Adam Cooper and Wyatt Shute who were both recognized by the Syracuse Auto Dealers Association with its Student Achievement Award in recognition of outstanding achievements in the OCM BOCES Automotive Program.
BOCES honored two Baldwinsville students for their outstanding achievements with the Snap-On Tools for Success Award. Instructors selected students for their excellent automotive technology, math and science skills, as well as for outstanding classroom participation, attendance and attitude.

Tapaingga Bird was selected for Automotive Collision Technology.
Lucas Goulet was selected for Automotive Technology.
3 students hold certificates and 2 adults stand with them
May 7, 2018
The New York State Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Educators (NYSAFCSE) honored two Baldwinsville teachers with awards at the Baldwinsville Central School District’s Board of Education meeting held on May 7, 2018.
Christina Rode, a family and consumer sciences (FACS) teacher at Baker High School, received the 2017 NYSAFCSE FCCLA Advisor of the Year award. Rode won this same award at the Central New York level in 2017.
Leslie Schafer, who teaches FACS at Ray Middle School, received the 2017 NYSAFCSE Promising New Professional Award. She also received this same award at the local level last school year.
teachers with award plaques
The board also honored staff members who were appointed tenure during the 2017-2018 school year. They are:

Stephanie Ager
Tonya Buda
Melissa Chiodo
Amy DiBari
Rani Dotterer
Jennifer Jasewicz
Julie Jones-Beckwith
Kelly Michaels
Jennifer Wolken
Kate Zwecker
male and female teachers standing together
April 16, 2018
The Board of Education honored several students who have received recognition for writing and photography.

4 students with certificates and 2 adults

Katrina Hays-Peterson
Junior Katrina Hays-Peterson has been named a finalist in the 38th Annual College & High School Photography Contest, sponsored by “Photographer’s Forum” magazine. Her photo will be published in the “Best of College & High School Photography 2018.”
 Cara Weaver
Cara Weaver, a junior, has received an Honorable Mention for her short story in a flash fiction contest sponsored by the Metropolitan State University of Denver Chapter of the National Council for Teachers of English.
Colin Walsh
Senior Colin Walsh has won a National Gold Medal in the humor category of the 2018 Scholastic Writing Awards for his piece, “The Summoner.” He will receive his medal at Carnegie Hall in New York City in June.
Elizabeth Erich
Junior Elizabeth Erich has been accepted into the University of Iowa Summer Writing Residency program due to her consistent performance in the scholastic writing competition for the past two years. The residency program is one of the most prestigious creative writing programs in the world and a student’s acceptance into it is recognition of his or her writing talent and potential.

Award Winners in the Northeast Region of the 2018 Scholastic Writing Awards
Gold Key
Rachel Blake
Emily Brisson
Mackenzie Bruen
Liz Erich
Kaitlyn Liu
Colin Walsh
Silver Key
Marisa Barnard
Jennie Blake - 2
Emily Bowden
Emily Brisson - 3
Haley Doerger
Liz Erich
Ellyn Gibbs - 2
Jessica McKenzie
Conor McManus
Vanessa Vacanti
Becki Wittman

Honorable Mention
Emily Bowden
Andi Fire
Ellyn Gibbs
Brianna Mack
Conor McManus - 2
Alina Minkova
April 2, 2018
Four Van Buren Elementary School students sang under the direction of music teacher Cynthia Doback. These students have been selected to perform in the Elementary All-County Music Festival that will be held on April 6 & 7 in the West Genesee school district. The students are:
Evelyn Cherrington
Iola Hoskins
Kyleigh Lenowicz
Evan Rumpel
March 26, 2018
The Board of Education honored the district’s winter teams and athletes that participated in state competition.
Boys Varsity Swimming – Coach Jen Dahm
The following swimmers represented Baldwinsville and Section 3 in the state competition in March: 
  • 200 Medley Relay - Ryan Hiltbrand, Alex Hiltbrand, Nicholas Schultz, and John Licciardello – They placed 41st .
  • 50 & 100 Freestyle - Alex Hiltbrand – He placed 23rd in the 50 and 14th in the 100.
  • 100 Breaststroke - Nicholas Schultz – 25th place
athletes with awards
Girls Indoor Track – Coach William Spicer
The following athletes participated in the state championships:
  • 300 Meter Dash - Karen Ekure – 29th Place
  • 55 Meter Hurdles - Adriana Straughter – 13th Place
  • Long Jump - Adriana Straughter – 21st Place
  • 4x200 Relay - Lauren Addario, Maria Henwood, Peyton Fleming, Karen Ekure and alternates Sara Goodwin, and Ally Surowick – 13th Place
  • Weight Throw - Danielle Marsell – 19th Place
athletes with awards  
athletes with awards athletes with awards athletes with awards
Boys Indoor Track – Coach William Spicer
The following track athletes participated in the state championships held in March in Staten Island:
  • 600 Meter - Kieran Sheridan – He placed 24th and he also received the Section III Sportsmanship Award.
  • 1000 Meter - Adam Davis – 20th Place
  • 1600 Meter - Ben Timmons – 25th Place
  • 4x400 Relay - Greg Porceng, Michael Lawrence, Evan Daprano, and Kieran Sheridan, and alternates Cole Peters, Josh Scholten, and Nick Kruger – 14th Place
  • Shot Put - Cameron Majchrzak – 22nd Place
athletes with awards
athletes with awards athletes with awards athletes with awards
March 12, 2018
The Reynolds Elementary School orchestra performed under the direction of teacher Aliza Stoll.
student playing a cello student playing a bass a teacher leads a children's orchestra
  children play the violin children play the violin children play the violin  

February 26, 2018

The Board of Education recognized Baker High School for the school’s establishment of a student-run branch of Edge Federal Credit Union in the school. On January 9, Baker High School officially opened the branch.
The board recognized the teachers involved in creating the branch, as well as a student representative from each class that contributed to establishing the branch.

  • Baker’s Business Ownership and Marketing Class organized a logo competition. Members of the class are now working at the branch, tracking financial information, and implementing marketing promotions. We would like to recognize business teacher Meghan Titus, along with her class representative, Colleen Sewall.
  • Bakers’ Production Systems Technology classes were in charge of designing and constructing the branch’s teller desk, which is made of oak hardwood and has a custom concrete countertop. The classes also created a bookcase for the space. We would like to recognize technology teacher Jamie Cuyler and his student representatives, Justin Larue and Alex Allen, and technology teacher Matthew Hudson and his class representative, Ben Tracy.
  • Baker’s Graphics Communication class was responsible for putting the logo on the teller desk, countertop and the outside wall. We are recognizing technology teacher Jeffrey Fortais and his class representative, Kaitlin Kelly.
  • Tonight we would also like to recognize the student who designed the Baker credit union logo. The Business Ownership and Marketing Class held a competition, and Abby Manning’s design was selected as the logo.

teachers and students hold certificates

February 5, 2018

The Palmer Elementary School 5th Grade Brass Ensemble performed at the beginning of the meeting, under the direction of band teacher Donna Cole.
four children playing the trumpet a teacher directs students playing brass instruments

January 22, 2018

The Board of Education honored the following students and staff at the meeting:

Iham Rodriguez, a junior at Baker High School - He has been selected as a participant in the 2018 Angelo Del Toro Puerto Rican/Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute – Syracuse/CNY Delegation. Selection as a participant is an indication of a student’s leadership potential and future achievement. Iham is the first student from Baker High School to be selected for the Syracuse/CNY Delegation.

Dana Rubadou, Key Club Advisor and Ryan Micho, Key Club member - the Baker High School Key Club is a winner in the 2017 HALO Movement contest, sponsored by Key Club International and Nickelodeon!Ryan Micho, a member of the Baker Key Club, entered Baker in the contest with the help of the club’s advisor, Dana Rubadou, to win a grant so that the school can create a food pantry for its students.
The Bee Full Pantry will enable the school to provide 50 students with groceries each weekend to supplement their household meals so that students have enough to eat before returning to school on Mondays. The Key Club is in the process of making plans for implementing the pantry.
three people pose for a photo and two people have awards in their hands
Jeffrey Marier, Board President, Ryan Micho, and Dana Rubadou

January 8, 2018

Members of the Elden Elementary School Orchestra and the McNamara Elementary School Orchestra performed for the board under the direction of strings teacher Dana Grimaldi.
children playing the violin on a stage children playing the cello on a stage student orchestra members performing on a stage

December 18, 2017

Members of the Palmer Elementary School 4th and 5th Grade Chorus performed under the direction of music teacher  Christine Isbell. Thank you to Mrs. Isbell and her students for opening the meeting with a great performance! 

December 4, 2017

The Board of Education honored the district’s fall teams and athletes that participated in state competition.

Girls Varsity Volleyball – The girls varsity volleyball team, coached by MaryJo Cerqua, is the 2017 Section III Class AA champion. This year’s sectional championship is Coach Cerqua’s 20th sectional championship – it is the 10th one in a row! This year also marked her 21st league championship. This year the team was also a state regional finalist. Members of the team are:
Sophia Cali
Brooke Clute
Sophia Cronk
Karen Ekure
Jenna Garvey
Rileigh Kimbal
Sophia Kordas
Kristen Liu
Carly May
Claire McAllister
Summer McClintic
Athena Norton
Dana Prokop
Madelyn Shuler
Madeline Stone
Katherine Welcher
Margaret Wiegand

Girls Varsity Field Hockey – The girls field hockey team is the 2017 Section III Class A Champion, the 2017 Class A NYS Regional Champion, and a state semifinalist. The team is coached by Tessa Ordway. Members of the team are:
Madison Ascioti
Maura Bartell
Hailey Boda
Emma Brushingham
Lauren Brushingham
Angeline Cooper
Megan Doyle
Paige Foley
Molly Huntington
Marie McKee
Hannah Norton
Talia Scarfino
Sarah Smiley
Amanda Strenk
Leah Tuch
Sydney Tse
Erika VanSlyke
Claire Vredenburg
Olivia Wachob
Mckenzie Wodka
Boys Varsity Cross Country – Three runners competed in the boys state cross country championships held in November. They are: Joe Licameli, Conor McManus, and Garrett Vannatta. They are coached by Jason Glashauser.
Girls Varsity Cross Country – Justus Holden-Betts competed in the girls state cross country championships, finishing in 15th place. She was also a part of the winning intersectional team. She is coach by Michael Scuderi.
Girls Varsity Soccer – The girls varsity soccer team, coached by Kathy Morse, is the 2017 Class AA New York State Girls Championship team! The team is also the league champion, Section III Class AA champion and the Class AA regional champion! Members of the team are:
Leslie Brooks
Carolyn Brussel
Leah Burrer
Madeline Bush
Kelsey Delola
Peyton Doyle
Michelle Eubank
Trystan Foglia
Jaedyn Frink
Claudia Fuller
Gillian Gipe
Alexis Huff
Hannah Johnson
Kaitlin Kelly
Laura Kick
Graisa Madden

Gwenyth Madden
Hannah Mimas
Fallon Morris
Simone Neivel
Katherine Pascale
Gabrielle Piontkowski
Meaghan Wilson


November 20, 2017

The Baker High School Library was named the 2017 School Library of the Year in October by the Central New York Library Resources Council. The library has been recognized for its creative and innovative resources, databases and its use of digital media for instruction. The library promotes exploration and collaboration, important components for learning.
Some of the technical resources available to Baker students are a stop motion studio, a green screen lab, a collaboration pod, and a Genius Bar team, which is a group of student volunteers who provide technology support for Apple, Windows, and Android to their peers and to staff.
On November 20, the board honored the staff of the library:
Leslie Cartier – Library Media Specialist
Patricia Gursky – Teacher Aide
Maggie Cornell – Teaching Assistant
Spruce Reddick - Clerical Staff


November 6, 2017

Music Performance:
Baldwinsville Marching Band – The band performed under the direction of Casey Vanderstouw.
The Board recognized Michelle Green for her donation of $10,000 to the district to be used for its mental health initiatives.The Board of Education and the district  publicly thanked Michelle for her caring and commitment to the mental wellbeing of Baldwinsville’s students. Her donation will help the district to continue its mental health training and awareness efforts for students and staff. Ms. Green’s generosity is an example of how, as a community, we are collaborating to put our students’ mental wellbeing on par with their physical health so that they may achieve their full potential.
The district and board present Ms. Green with several gifts. These gifts were made by students at Baker High School. They are as follows:
1. Rylee Lyons - Photography
2. Caitlyn Bradshaw - Drawing and Painting
3. Graisa Madden - Ceramics
4. Hannah Svitak - Ceramics


October 23, 2017

Durgee Junior High School presented a song from the school’s fall musical, Disney’s Little Mermaid, Jr.
The musical is directed by Baker High School music teacher Colin Keating and will be performed November 17 & 18 at 7:00 p.m. at the Baker High School auditorium.
Durgee 8th grader Amarayah Efsits plays the role of Ariel.
Board of Education Recognition: October 23 – 27 is School Board Recognition Week in New York State to honor and give thanks to school board members across the state for their dedicated service and commitment to student learning and to the educational needs of their communities.
The Baldwinsville Central School District honored Board members with a gift presentation from each school in the District. Thank you to our Board members for donating their time and talents to ensure that Baldwinsville students receive the programs they need to reach their full potential every day.
Elden Elementary School
Principal Thomas Coughlin presented a video that the school made to thank the board with a song performed by the Elden chorus, under the direction of music teacher Katrina Kahl. Two Elden students presented each board member with a special cookie.
McNamara Elementary School
McNamara student council members presented thank you notes to the Board members. Students are: Matthew Young, Madison MacKaig, Addison Garcia, Dylan Garcia, Nadia Guzman, Reese Clark, Jeanie Neville, Corinne Parker, Mallory Offredi, and Lundy Langstaff.

Palmer Elementary School
Students presented board members with gifts that they made: Emmett Addario, Phoebe Auses, Sophie Demer, Addison Nicolucci, Vivian Capone, Oliver Lyman, Elyse Ryder, Jacob Weston, Cara Quinn, Carter Hanifin, Sadie Ward, Keegan Crowley, Julia Lemay, Teresa Maugiri, Noah Pendergast,
Angelos Ioannidis, Brayden Mascari, Maximus Montanaro, Molly Ivanchak, Brendan DeCesare, Adeline Woodford, and Julian Todero.
Reynolds Elementary School
Students presented thank you cards. Students are: Viviana Fritcher, Cayden Hines, Bryn Kammer, and James Ryan.
Van Buren Elementary School
5th grade students presented handmade invitations to the school’s Spaghetti Dinner that is scheduled for February 26 for the board. Students are: Mia Venditte, Keaton Kent, Avery Medwid, Ava Wazen, MaryEllen Rockdashil, Kerrigan Shaw, Delaney Hitchcock and Gabriella Barragan.

Ray Middle School
The school’s jazz band, the Katz Pajamaz, performed under the direction of teacher Jason Ezzo. Students are: Kelly Rogers, Jeff Ragonese,Katie Mullin, Owen Penhollow, Tyler Norman, Stella Capone, Gordon Flood, Ryan Quinn, Will Rinko, Andrew Secor, Aidan DeLaney, Finn Saarie and 
Ben Smith.             
Durgee Junior High School
The school made a special presentation for the board with the help of the following students who appeared in the presentation: Paul Claver, Michael DiGregorio, Jessica Mayer, Addison Samchisen, Amaya Sgroi, Mia Truex, Emily Whitely and Emily Wink.
Baker High School
Baker High School was represented by student council co-president Elinor Grage. Elinor created a video for the Board to show the school’s appreciation for all that our board members do for students.

October 2, 2017

The Board of Education honored two students and a teacher for their achievements.
Matthew King, a senior at Baker High School, has been named a semifinalist in the National Merit Scholarship competition. He is one of the highest scoring entrants in the competition. Students qualify for the competition when they take the PSAT their junior year. He moves on to the next round of the competition, which is for a spot as a finalist.
Over the summer, senior Christopher Gomez created a mural for the Baldwinsville Police Department. Last spring the department asked Baker's Drawing & Painting students to submit artwork ideas for the new police cars. The officers thought Chris' design would make a great mural and asked him to paint it on a wall in the building. Chris used his free time to complete the mural.
Lynda Barry, a teacher at Baker High School, has been named a New York State finalist for the 2017 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.
The program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Each year the President of the United States recognizes outstanding teachers in mathematics and science from across the nation. State finalists move on to the national level of the program and will be named next year.

September 11, 2017

The Board of Education honored district students who earned perfect scores on June 2017 Regents exams:
US History
Madeline Gaus
Matthew King
Madison Ascioti 
Sophia Cronk
Peter Demjanenko
Tyler Miller

Megan Doyle
Phineas Penzo
Vanessa Vacanti
Living Environment:
John Burns
Allison Harry
Bianca Gascon
Nathan Hahn

July 10, 2017

The Board of Education honored seven students who graduated from programs at OCM BOCES on June 8, 2017. They are:
Brianna Cook 
Christopher Henry
Anthony Hyde 
Tyler LaFave 
Ryan Martin 
Michaela Miller
Isaiah Smorol

June 19, 2017

The Board of Education and the district recognized Pastor Randy Czyz and the Word of Life Assembly of God for generously allowing the school district the use of its facility to conduct public and student presentations as well as student music performances for the school years of 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 while the district’s auditorium was closed for renovations.
Boys Varsity Golf – Golfers Max Dec and Ben Donohue, coached by Karen George, competed in the state boys golf championships held at Cornell June 3-5.  Max finished 36th in the tournament and Ben finished 54th.
Boys Varsity Track – The following athletes, coached by Bill Spicer, competed in the state track championships that were held at Union-Endicott High School June 9-10:

Evan Vannatta, Kenny Stehle, Tyler Luciano, and Kieran Sheridan - 4x400. They finished 9th in the state and broke a school record. 

Kieran Sheridan also competed in the open 400. He finished 11th in the state and broke a school record. 

Ben Timmons, Adam Davis, Garrett Selover, and Mike Lawrence - 4x400 alternates
Girls Varsity Track – The following athletes, coached by Jason Glashauser, competed in the state track championships:

Adriana Straughter - Pentathlon - She finished 5th in the state and broke a school record. 

Karen Ekure – 200m – She finished 13th in the state.
Boys Varsity Lacrosse – The boys varsity lacrosse team, coached by Matthew Wilcox, is the Section III Class A champion, the Class A Regional Champion, and the team competed in the state semifinals on June 7 at St. John Fisher College. Members of the team are:
Matt Baker
Austin Bolton
Matt Dickman
Frank Delia
Jason Dobek
Ben Dwyer
Peter Fiorini – All-American
Dan Fuller
Ryan Gebhardt – Academic All-American
John Hernandez
Justin Hunter
Justin Johnson
Braden Lynch
Tanner McCaffrey
Braden McCard
Brandon Mimas
Kyle Pelcher
Cole Peters
Noah Ravas
Nate Redmond
Cameron Slink
Josh Stanton
Daniel Stehle
Connor Steria
David Steria
Cameron Sweeney
Michael Tangredi
Jeffrey Viviano
Caleb Voorhees
Brendan Wilcox
Spencer Wirtheim
Brian Yeatts

The Board honored outgoing board member Kimberly McIlroy for her three years of service to the Board and to the district. The Board also honored outgoing ex-officio student member, Jessica Sprague, for her year of service to the Board, the district, and to Baker High School.

June 5, 2017

The Board of Education honored several students and staff members for their achievements.

Ivan Yumagulov
Ivan Yumagulov, a senior at Baker High School, is the recipient of the prestigious Robinson Award of the Skaneateles Festival. The award is presented annually to an outstanding high school student from Central New York. Ivan is an outstanding pianist with a long list of accomplishments and awards.

Baker High School Art Students
Two Baker seniors won awards in the 2017 CNY Art Guild High School Senior Art Show held at the Edgewood Gallery in Syracuse in April. Congratulations to:
 Anika Archer – Second Place, Drawing & Painting and Mary Arthur – Ceramics Award. Two additional Baker seniors exhibited their work in the show. They are:
 Michael Brussel – Drawing & Painting and Renny Simone – Photography.

Baker FCCLA Medal Winners
Four members of Baker High School’s Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America Club (FCCLA) received medals in the FCCLA’s New York chapter STAR Events competition held March 22-24. The events recognize students for proficiency, achievement and leadership skills and showcase their college and career-ready knowledge, skills and abilities. Congratulations to:
Karen Caswell – She received a gold medal in the Teach & Train category.
Lexi Belloma and Marissa Paventi – They were awarded a silver medal for their community service project display
Leah Kramer – She received a silver medal in the Interpersonal Communications category.

Christina Rode – Family and Consumer Science Teacher, Baker High School
Congratulations to Christina Rode! She is the recipient of the Central New York Association of Family and Consumer Science Educators FCCLA Advisor of the Year Award! She is the FCCLA advisor for Baker High School. She has also been awarded the organization’s Distinguished Service Award.

Leslie Schafer – Family and Consumer Science Teacher, Ray Middle School
Congratulations to Leslie Schafer! She was awarded the Central New York Association of Family and Consumer Science Educators Promising New Professional Award.
Sarah Parrish, 4th Grade Teacher, Van Buren Elementary School
Teacher Sarah Parrish has been invited to attend the 2017 Honeywell Educators at Space Academy at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama this June. In addition to teaching fourth grade, Parrish is one of the coordinators of Van Buren’s after-school STEM program.
Parrish will spend five days at the world’s premiere space learning center with other educators from around the world, participating in simulated astronaut training as well as in intensive classroom, laboratory, and training time that focuses on space science. Teachers will leave the training with ideas, lessons, and other materials to adapt to their classrooms and to increase student interest in science.
Justin Ashworth - CNYRIC's "Featured Teacher" for the month of April 2017
McNamara Elementary School Library Media Specialist Justin Ashworth was selected as the CNYRIC's "Featured Teacher" for the month of April. Mr. Ashworth earned this honor due to his efforts in leveraging instructional technology to provide authentic learning experiences for the students of McNamara Elementary School.
New York State Senate Teachers of Excellence
State Senator John DeFrancisco named 30 educators 2017 New York State Senate Teachers of Excellence for going above and beyond to educate, mentor and inspire their students. Eight of these educators are teachers in the Baldwinsville Central School District – one from each school! Congratulations to the following:
  • Lynda Barry, Baker High School
  • Kerry Anne Bertrand, McNamara Elementary School
  • Tiffany Collacchi, Reynolds Elementary School
  • Colleen Goss, Durgee Junior High School
  • Daniel Hyland, Elden Elementary School
  • Noel Penafeather, Van Buren Elementary School
  • Karen Pickard, Ray Middle School
  • Ashley Vernyi, Palmer Elementary School

May 22, 2017
The Board of Education honored members of the Baker High School B.E.E.S. robotics team for being named the Northern New York State Champion in the Northern New York State VEX Robotics Competition held at the SRC Arena in February 2017. The team advanced to the VEX World Championship, held in Kentucky in April. Hundreds of robotics teams from around the world participated in the competition. The B.E.E.S. team ranked #118 in the world in the skills competition!
The team is advised by Matthew Hudson, a technology teacher at Baker High School and Rebecca Crossley, a technology teacher at Durgee Junior High School.
Members of the team are: Hannah DeFazio, Will Grindle, Evan McCormick,Melanie Ragonese, Matt Rodman, Paul Schmid, Isaac Stone and
Andrew York.

The Board also recognized recognize several individuals, organizations, and companies for their financial support of the team’s trip to Kentucky for the world competition. Thank you to:
US Army Mike Murphy
Tessy Plastics Corporation Mainstream Innovations
O’Brien & Gere Willow Health & Wellness Center
Baldwinsville Kiwanis Club  Guardian Industries
Upstate Biometrics Huhtamaki
Sabre Demolition  
 May 8, 2017
The Board of Education honored members of the District's teaching staff who received tenure this year. Congratulations to the following:
Courtney Bennett
Emily Caster
Cynthia Cronin
Rebecca Crossley
Abigail DeSantis
Kimberly Hunt
Eugene Lang, II
Bridget Lattimore
Kallie Mathis
Mindy Ristau
Michelle Sattler
Victoria Sivers
David Stagnitta
Brittany Stolz
Melanie Yager

April 24, 2017
The Board honored 52 who received awards in the Northeast region of the 2017 Scholastic Writing Awards competition. The competition was open to students in grades 7-12.

The following Baker High School students received awards in the competition:
Gold Key
Jordan Allen
Elizabeth Erich
Matt King
Kaitlyn Liu
Baker High School Gold Key Scholastic Writing Winners
Baker High School Scholastic Writing Awards
Gold Key Winners

Silver Key
Jennie Blake
Christina Bartelli
Emily Brisson
Jamie Burns
Taylor Collado
Timothy Garraffo
Caleb Goldberg
Matt King
Matt Moor
Sarah Pfeiffer
Tait Rundberg
Vanessa Vacanti
Riley Warren
Tessa Woodhams

Baker High School Scholastic Writing Awards Silver Key Winners
Baker High School Scholastic Writing Awards Silver Key Winners
Honorable Mention
Julie Abbott
Jake Brown
Mackenzie Bruen
Katie Cassidy
Molly Conway
Jenna Costello
Haley Doerger
Jake Draper
David Durkee
Hailey Fletcher
Ellyn Gibbs
Caleb Goldberg
Matt King
Rylee Lyons
Claire McAllister
Jessica McKenzie
Matt Moor
DJ Moore
Victoria Norton
Paxton Potter
Cassie Reith
Kyle Robinson
Jasmine Romano-Downs
Chris Speelman
Taylor Torrez
Sofia Valletta
James Wallace
Kaeleygh Woodworth-Day
Baker High School students who won an honorable mention award in the scholastic writing competition receive their certificates
Baker High School Scholastic Writing Awards Honorable Mention Winners

The following Durgee Junior High School students received awards in the Scholastic Writing Competition:
Gold Key
Rory Mastine
Sarah Paul
Aurelia Tice
Silver Key
Emma Dugan
Madison Law
Honorable Mention
Colin DeLaney
Paige Morrissey
Olivia Muscolino
Gregory Secor
Durgee Junior High Gold Key Scholastic Writing Awards
Durgee Junior High Silver Key Scholastic Writing Awards
Durgee Junior High Honorable Mention Scholastic Writing Awards
Durgee Junior High Honorable Mention  Scholastic Writing Awards - Colin DeLaney
National Winner
The District had a Gold Key winner in the national portion of the competition.
Aurelia Tice - a Durgee eighth-grader, was recently informed that she has won a Gold Key in the 2017 National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Competition! She has been invited to New York City to receive her award in June.
Durgee student Aurelia Tice with Board Vice President Jeff Marier
and Superintendent Matthew McDonald

April 3, 2017

Students from Durgee Junior High School performed a number from Durgee's upcoming musical revue. The following students sang I Feel Pretty under the direction of music teacher Megan BrodyClare Burke, Gillian Coffey, Kaitlyn Kinslow, and Ava Shore.
Durgee Students Singing at Board Meeting Durgee Students Singing at Board Meeting Durgee Students Singing at Board Meeting

March 27, 2017

The Board of Education honored winter athletes and teams that competed in state competition, District winners in the SkillsUSA regional competition, and science teacher Jill Gravante.

Varsity Wrestling

Jeremy Pond – Jeremy competed in the 138 pounds weight class at the state wrestling championships held in Albany at the end of February, making it to the quarter finals.
Mike Spicer- Mike competed in the 285 pounds weight class. He made it to the quarter finals.
Wrestler Jeremy Pond and Superintendent Matthew McDonald
Varsity Girls Indoor Track
Lauren Addario – Lauren competed in the 55-meter dash at the state indoor track championships held at the beginning of March on Staten Island. She tied for 14th place.
Danielle Marsell – Danielle competed in the weight throw. She finished in 30th place.
Adriana Straughter – Adriana competed in the 55-meter hurdles and the high jump. She finished 22nd in the hurdles and in 18th place in the high jump.
Members of the girls indoor track team with Superintendent Matthew McDonald
Varsity Boys Indoor Track
Adam Davis – competed in the 1000-meter run at the state championships held on Staten Island. He finished in 15th place.
Nathan Jaquint- competed in the high jump, finishing in 17th place.
Kieran Sheridan – competed in the 600-meter run and finished in 16th place.
Ken Stehle & Justin Goodridge – Attended the state championship as alternates for the 4x400 relay.
The 4x400 relay team of Tyler Luciano, Greg Porceng, Kieran Sheridan and Evan Vannatta - won third place at the state championships. The 4x400 team also competed in the 2017 New Balance Indoor Track Nationals held in New York City on March 12.
Members of the boys indoor track team with Athletic Director Chris Campolieta and Superintendent Matthew McDonald
The Board honored three Baker students who attend programs at OCM BOCES. These students won awards in the 2017 SkillsUSA regional competition held in Syracuse in February. At the competition hundreds of area Career and Technical Education students competed in contests that included performance and written tests. Winners from Baldwinsville are:
Isabellah Hightower - Second place in Prepared Speech.
Michael Lagana - First place in Culinary Arts
Alexis Townsend - Second place in Medical Math
BOCES student Alexis Townsend with Superintendent Matthew McDonald
Jill Gravante
- Jill Gravante, an Earth/Physical Science teacher at Durgee Junior High School, has been named a Solar System Ambassador for the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab. The Solar System Ambassadors Program is a public outreach program designed to work with volunteers around the country who communicate information about space exploration missions and discoveries to people in their local communities.
Jill Gravante with Superintendent Matthew McDonald

March 13, 2017
The Baker High School Jazz Band performed under the direction of teacher Casey Vanderstouw.
February 27, 2017
Presentation of Check for READy for Kindergarten Program
Mr. Peter Moore, a member of the Baldwinsville Kiwanis Club, presented a donation from the club to Board President Victor Jenkins for the District’s READy for Kindergarten Program.

Jacob Brown
Jacob, a senior at Baker High School, is a finalist in the Photographers Forum 37th Annual College & High School Photography Contest.  His photo is one of 100 student photos selected from 13,000 entries in the competition worldwide and will be published with the other finalists’ photos in the Best of College & High School Photography 2017.
CNY Scholastic Art Awards

 Students who won awards in the Scholastic Art competition
The Board of Education honored 32 students from Baker High School and Durgee Junior High School who won awards in the 2017 CNY Scholastic Art Competition.
Baker High School:

Anika Archer - Drawing and Illustration - Honorable Mention -2
Jonathan Baker - Ceramics & Glass – Honorable Mention
Jacob Brown -  Art Portfolio – Gold Key, Silver Key; Photography – Silver Key - 4, Honorable Mention - 2; Digital Art – Silver Key - 2, Honorable Mention
Robert Bryant - Photography – Gold Key - 3, Honorable Mention
Jenna Butkins - Ceramics & Glass – Silver Key
Gabriela Fernandez - Sculpture – Silver Key
Peyton Fleming - Photography – Silver Key; Digital Art – Silver Key, Honorable Mention
Claudia Fuller - Photography – Silver Key, Honorable Mention
Caleb Goldberg - Digital Art – Gold Key, Silver Key, Honorable Mention
Chris Gomez - Drawing and Illustration – Honorable Mention
Jessica Hardter - Art Portfolio – Honorable Mention
Katirina Herbs - Sculpture – Gold Key
Courtney Keller - Editorial Cartoon – Honorable Mention
Colin Kolodziejczyk - Mixed Media – Silver Key
Ciera LaCount - Ceramics & Glass – Silver Key
Michael Lagana - Sculpture – Silver Key
Graisa Madden - Ceramics & Glass – Honorable Mention
Abby Manning - Photography – Honorable Mention - 2
Marley McCard - Ceramics & Glass – Silver Key
Bobbi Nagowski - Photography – Honorable Mention
Skyler Parrow-Strong -  Art Portfolio – Honorable Mention; Mixed Media – Gold Key; Photography – Gold Key - 2, Silver Key - 2, Honorable Mention
Alexius Perkins - Sculpture – Honorable Mention
Camryn Scott - Ceramics & Glass – Honorable Mention
Lyndsey Slavik - Sculpture – Gold Key
Jessica Sprague - Painting – Honorable Mention; Mixed Media – Honorable Mention
Carley Teachout - Photography – Gold Key; Mixed Media – Silver Key
Devon VanderVoort - Mixed Media – Honorable Mention; Photography – Honorable Mention
Durgee Junior High School:
Alexandra Iordan - Mixed Media – Honorable Mention
Kiylee Lescenski - Mixed Media – Gold Key
Samantha Lucas - Drawing and Illustration – Gold Key, Honorable Mention
Summer McClintic - Mixed Media – Gold Key
Ella Smith - Mixed Media – Honorable Mention

The Baldwinsville Pep Band performed for the Board of Education at its February 6, 2017 meeting.
Pep Band Performance, February 6, 2017

At the January 23, 2017 Board of Education meeting, the Board honored students who were selected to attend and perform at the NYS All-State Music Conference December 1 – 4, 2016 in Rochester. Students were selected through a rigorous audition process to be a part of this prestigious music conference.
Mixed Chorus
Evan Biedermann, Lukas Figliozzi, and Caleb Goldberg
Symphony Orchestra
Aaron DuBois
Wind Ensemble
Isabella Earle and William Grindle
Women’s Chorus
Molly Conway, Jessica Mullin, Mackenzie Murphy, Paxton Potter, and Vanessa Vacanti
Zackary Boadway
Electronic Composition Showcase
Shane Patterson, a senior, had his original electronic music composition featured in the conference’s Electronic Composition Showcase. A panel of adjudicators selected the most outstanding student compositions from a large number of entries.
All State Musicians

(L to r) Superintendent Matthew McDonald, Caleb Goldberg, Molly Conway, Evan Biedermann, Will Grindle, Aaron DuBois, Shane Patterson, Band Director Casey Vanderstouw, and Board member Kim McIlroy.

At the Board's December 19 meeting fall teams, athletes, and coaches were honored for participating in state competition and for milestone achievements.
Girls Swimming: Noelle Staso competed in the NYSPHSAA girls swimming championships in the 50 meter freestyle, finishing in 40th place and she finished in 31st place in the 100 meter breast stroke.    
Girls Cross Country: Justus Holden-Betts competed in the NYSPHSAA girls cross country championships, finishing in 32nd place. She was part of the Section III team that won the championship.
Field Hockey: The field hockey team had an amazing year. The team is the Section III Champion, the Regional Champion and a state semi-finalist. The team is coached by Tessa Ordway. Team members are:
Hailey Boda
Emma Brushingham
Lauren Brushingham
McKenzie Carroll
Megan Doyle
Shylea Dukat
Paige Foley
Chloe Lynch
Mariah Mancini
Marie McKee
Isabella Nanna
Hannah Norton
Talia Scarfino
Amanda Strenk
Abigail Timmins
Sydney Tse
Olivia Wachob
Mackenzie Wodka
Kathy Morse, coach of the girls varsity soccer team, won her 200th game as coach on September 29, 2016 against Liverpool.
Mary Jo Cerqua, coach of the girls varsity volleyball team, won her 500th game as coach on October 4, 2016 against West Genesee.
Girls Varsity Field Hockey Team Justus Holden Betts with Coach Scuderi and Board Vice President Jeff Marier
Girls Varsity Field Hockey Team Justus Holden-Betts, Coach Michael Scuderi, and Board of Ed
Vice President Jeff Marier

The December 5, 2016 Board of Education meeting featured a musical performance by the Ray cello chamber ensemble directed by music teacher Jennifer Bearup. Members of the ensemble are:
Landon Arcadi
Maeve Bartell
Hannah Gould
Jadyn Kantak
Nadia Kozman
Charles Richards
Keenan Smith
Jenna Speich
Christopher Tapia
Ray Middle School Cello Chamber Ensemble    
At the same meeting, several students and a staff member were honored for their achievements.
Elementary School Art Students Lara Lang

NYSSBA Artwork
Eight Baldwinsville elementary students had their artwork on display at the 97th Annual New York State School Boards Association (NYSSBA) Conference in Buffalo, October 27 – 29. The exhibit highlighted student achievement in visual art across the state. Congratulations to:
Elden Elementary School - Grady Hudson and Gia Bellso
McNamara Elementary School - Carly Hack and Rylie Rachwal
Palmer Elementary School - Zachary Pendergast and Isabella DiGregorio
Reynolds Elementary School - Sophia Cavallieri and Grace Moody
School Psychologist of the Year
The New York Association of School Psychologists (NYASP), Chapter E, has named Lara Lang the School Psychologist of the Year. Lang is the school psychologist at Elden Elementary School.
The award recognizes excellence in the provision of school psychological services and is presented by local chapters of NYASP to individuals who spend the majority of their time (75%) providing direct services to children and their families. Chapter E includes school districts in the counties of Onondaga, Oneida, Cortland, Oswego, Madison and Cayuga.

At the November 7, 2016 Board of Education meeting, the Marching Bees performed their show, The Grid.
marching band members perform marching band performs
color guard band performs marching band performs
marching band performs color guard performs

In July 2016, the Baldwinsville Marching Band, in conjunction with Assemblyman William Magnarelli, Time Warner Cable, and Sunnking Electronics Recycling, held an electronics fundraising event on the district’s main campus. At the Board's November 7 meeting, Assemblyman William Magnarelli presented the Baldwinsville Marching Band with a check in the amount of $1,003.56 in appreciation of the Marching Band’s hardworking commitment and outstanding participation efforts in this successful, worthwhile community event. 

Superintendent with Marching Band Drum Majors, Band Director and Assemblyman Magnarelli

October 24-28 is Board of Education Recognition Week in New York State. At the October 24 Board of Education meeting, the District and its schools honored Board members for their service and commitment to the community and its students with a gift presentation.
Zackary Boadway and Molly Conway, members of the Baker High School Musical Players, performed a few selections from the musical White Christmas, which Baker will present on December 16 & 17. Also, Baker High School art students displayed some of their work to show their appreciation for all that the Board does.
Zackary Boadway and Molly Conway Sing
Durgee Junior High School students Neil Trimm and Morgan Hey presented each Board member with a magnet created with the school's 3-D printer.
Students Present Gifts to Board Members
Ray Middle School's sixth-grade and seventh-grade teams  made special gifts for the Board members.  Students Present Gifts to Board Members
Elden Elementary School honored the Board with a video of the Elden chorus performing a very special song. You can watch it HERE.
McNamara Elementary School’s Student Council members wrote thank you letters to the Board to show their appreciation for all that the Board does to provide them with an excellent education.  Student Reads Thank you Letter to Board of Education    
Palmer Elementary School Principal Melissa Pietricola and her daughter, Bailey, a student at Palmer, presented each Board member with a special gift.
Students Present Gifts to Board Members
Reynolds Elementary School created a very cute video from its students, in which students tell who they think the Board of Education is and what the Board does. Watch it HERE. Students presented each Board member with a homemade wreath. Board Member Matthew Yager
Van Buren Elementary School presented the Board with a goodie basket full of treats. Student Andy McIlroy surprised his mom, Board member Kim McIlroy, when he presented the gift on behalf of Van Buren. The school also recorded a song to honor the Board. You can hear it HERE. Board member Kim McIlroy with her son

At its meeting on September 9, the Board of Education honored students from Durgee Junior High School and Baker High School who earned 100% on a Regents exam in June 2016. The following students were honored:

Baker High School
Algebra 2 and Trigonometry
Benjamin Dwyer
Sydney Tse
ELA Common Core
Karen Caswell
William Grindle
Allison Lange
Global History
Benjamin Dwyer
Madeline Gaus
Noelle Staso
US History
Isabella Earle
Kyle Pelcher
Renny Simone
Durgee Junior High School
Algebra Common Core
Jacqueline Boutilier
Rose Mercer
Earth Science
Jacqueline Boutilier
Skylar Yerdon
Abigail Contello
Living Environment
Sophia Cronk
Ryan Micho
Tyler Miller - not able to attend
Students who received 100 on a Regents Test Students who received 100 on a Regents Test