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District Mission and Vision


Provide every student with the educational experiences and opportunities that will foster the full development of his or her potential.


Through  a cooperative effort of the total community, we will create an environment which inspires a desire for life-long learning,  fosters mutual
respect, instills a positive  philosophy about the worth of participatory citizenship, and empowers all individuals  to reach their full potential.


• Achieve educational excellence and high levels of learning for all
Promote collaboration, innovation, and flexibility to prepare students for their future
Ensure equal access, opportunity and choice for all students


It is the responsibility and  role of all members of the Baldwinsville community including:  students, parents, teachers, support professionals,
administrators, community groups, and  the Board  of Education to:
•  provide  a healthy,  safe  learning  environment where  each student
can reach his or her full potential.
•  support differentiated instructional strategies to accommodate the diverse learning styles so students may achieve their full potential.

•  ensure that all students receive the best efforts of all members of
the school community.
•  encourage all students to put forth their best efforts in the pursuit
of their education.
•  provide  students with knowledge and  understanding to live productive and  responsible lives as citizens in the community.

•  prepare students with an academic background that equips them
for success in whatever career path they choose to follow.
•  acknowledge and  appreciate that every student possesses unique  talents and  abilities by supporting the development of those talents and  abilities to their fullest.

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