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District Mission and Vision Statements


In an effort to ensure the growth of all students, members of the Baldwinsville Central School District, through a collaborative process, developed a strategic plan that explores the identified goals and objectives that measure student success. This plan will assist the Board of Education in identification of priorities and allocation of resources aimed at creating optimal educational experiences, health and safety, fiscal responsibility, and ongoing communication.  Read the plan here.



Foster an environment to educate and empower all students today to become global citizens of tomorrow.


The Baldwinsville community is committed to providing equitable and diverse learning experiences that educate and empower students, allowing each individual to thrive.  


All members of the Baldwinsville community including students, parents, teachers, support professionals, administrators, community groups, and the Board of Education share the following beliefs and values:

Culture and Climate

  • Everyone thrives in a vibrant, healthy, safe, enriching, and respectful learning environment in which we recognize that words and actions matter
  • Ensure all students have the social and emotional supports necessary to feel safe and empowered to pursue their goals
  • Acceptance of our individual differences regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, age, abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, and other ideologies 

Approach to Instruction and Learning

  • A successful education system comprised of effective educators develops students who are effective communicators; collaborators; creative critical thinkers; global and ethical citizens; and goal-directed, resilient learner
  • Quality early childhood education is crucial to school readiness and future success
  • Literacy is an essential life skill and reading proficiency is critical for the academic success of all students
  • Dynamic and supportive partnerships among students, families, educators, and the community are critical to meet student needs and provide enriching experiences
  • Differentiated instructional strategies are necessary to accommodate diverse learning needs

Individual Student Needs

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion are recognized as core institutional values that drive decision-making, resource allocation, and the development of all policies and practices
  • Embrace every student’s unique talents and abilities through diverse, inclusive, and equitable learning experiences thus allowing each student to achieve success in whatever path they choose
  • Each student is entitled to a high-quality education
  • A well-rounded education enables students to lead productive, fulfilling, creative, and culturally rich lives


  • Provide Project-Based Learning Experiences * 
  • Accessing Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Enhancing Teaching Quality
  • Improving Student Achievement
  • Collaborating with Community Partners/Programs
  • Increasing Social Emotional Development
  • Aligning Curriculum and Instruction to the Job Market
  • Creating Individualized and Differentiated Education 
  • Increasing School Safety and Security * 
  • Exemplify Cultural Responsiveness, Diversity, and Equity *

Read Strategic Plan Here