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Ray Ski Club News and Information


Reasons we cancel skiing
Your child’s safety is our first priority. That being said, skiing is a winter sport and some snow and cold weather is to be expected. So unless one of the following conditions occur, we will probably be skiing.
1.     Labrador Mountain is closed
2.     There is an emergency school closing
3.     All after school activities are cancelled
4.     Driving conditions between Baldwinsville and Labrador Mountain are too dangerous
5.     Problems with transportation
6.     Any other condition that is deemed too dangerous by the Ray Ski Club advisors or school administrators.
Every effort will be made to get information out in a timely manner. The best place to check is the Ray Ski Club website. However, for some of the above conditions, we will not know until sometime during the day whether or not ski club will be cancelled. If this is the case, an announcement will be made over the PA and the information will be posted on the website. Students can come back to Ray to pick up their equipment before 7:00pm that day or once school opens the next day.