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Durgee Homework Request Procedure

If you anticipate that your child will be ill 2 or more days,  please see link below: Please note, if you child is only out 1 day we do not process homework requests. The parent or the child can email the teacher or follow individual teacher policy on what to do if student is absent 1 day.

   Homework request procedure information

*Important reminder: When students return to school,  it is their responsibililty to return all completed work to their teachers!  It is recommended that the student stays after school to make-up any missed classwork, quizes and exams

PLEASE NOTE:  Parent must call the guidance office to request homework or use online form when a student is out for 2 or more days.....PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE.....FOR HOMEWORK. You do not need to speak with your child's counselor unless there is additional information about your child that you would like to share.