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Teacher Resources 

Streaming and Interactive Websites
Annenberg Media Teacher resources and professional development information
Media Connect See Mrs. St.John for the password
Discovery Streaming See Mrs. St. John for password
Tech Tips
Wordle Make fun word clouds
Zamzar Quickly and easily saves Youtube videos for viewing in the classroom
Webspiration Free version of Inspiration
Homepage Startup See all your favorite websites in one place
Other Resources
Core-NY  Collaborative online resources for New York teachers
Educator's Reference Desk  Lesson plans and resources for teachers
Gateway to 21st Century Skills  More educational resources for teachers
Thinkfinity  Free educational tools, lesson plans and resouces
NYS Education Dept.  Resources for NY teachers
NYS Virtual Learning System  Promotes the internet as a tool for teaching and learning
OCPL  Onondaga County Public Library
School Tools  Educational School Supplies
Teaching Books  See Mrs. St. John for password
Cybersmart Curriculum Offers a variety of free resources and lesson plans for online safety
P by D  A Wiki for P by D users
Podcasting Resources
Audacity Tutorial Watch this short video on using Audacity
Bad Podcast Example Listen to an example of a bad podcast
Great Podcast Example Listen to an example of a good podcast
Student Example 1 Classroom podcast from 3rd & 4th graders in ME
Student Example 2 Social Studies play from middle schoolers in CO
Student Example 3 1st Grade Class on the Solar System (WillowWeb)
Student Example 4 ColeyCasts - Pick any topic and listen
Student Example 5 Election discussion - High School students in MI
Teacher Example 1 StudyCast - Listen to teacher's review
Soundzabound Link to BOCES Media catalog; see Mrs St. John for password
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