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Mr. Rindfuss' Fifth-Grade Class

We continue to have a nice start to the year.  The homework seems to be going okay.  If there were one thing to work on, it would have to be the talk that is occuring during activities.  Discussing questions is effective, but talking about a game when a new topic is being introduced would not be effective.  Hopefully, this will improve which will lead to a better understanding of the homework assignments.   

The first topic is homework.  The general rule is ten minutes per grade, which means approximately fifty minutes for our fiifth graders.  The students were told that it won't be that much each night, but it would probably be a good idea to use the remaining time to get some reading done or enjoy some board games.

Next, I just wanted to let you know about the weekly folders.  Each Monday, there will be some information that is up on the front board for the students to write down in their folders.  After it is all written out, I will sign the folders and add any comments.  The folders will then go home and be signed and returned within a couple of days.  These folders will be used to communicate information such as test scores, late homework, important dates, or any other relevant information.  The weekly folders usually prove to be a valuable asset in the communication between home and school, and I appreciate your time in looking over them and returning them.

In math, we have homework to go along with each activity.  Be sure to encourage your children to ask questions in school if there are any questions about completing the assignments.  It should go along with the work that we do in school.  Also, there is a link that is listed below that gives extra help in math.  Click on the link and go to the area that is needing work.  There is a worksheet and an answer key below it.  We will be using this in school, but it would also be great for extra work at home.

The end of module assessment for module one will be coming up on October 10th.  Hopefully the review worksheets will give the students confidence leading into it.  As always, if there are some gaps on the assessment that the students would like to clear up, the students can do corrections by explaining any errors and doing problems over to earn extra points.  

I am looking forward to a spectacular 2018/2019 year.

Should you have any questions, feel free to send me an email, and I'll reply as soon as possible.
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Thanks for your support.

Mr. Rindfuss
Welcome fifth graders!

Enjoy the Room Recess link for ELA and Math activities.

Be sure to use the math links below and the district site!!

Math: End of Module Assessment - 10/10

Weekly Folders: Return each Tuesday or Wednesday

Check these sites out: