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Creating/Maintaining Teacher Web Pages

  • Users must first register with the district webmaster.  The webmaster will send you a user name and a password.  Requests for user names and passwords should be sent to District Webmaster Kelly Cary (
  • After receiving a user name/password, users may sign in by clicking on the website login button available at the bottom of any district web page.
  • The Baldwinsville web page system uses an on-line program called tempEDIT to allow users to create and manage web pages.  The program allows users to create their pages with an editor that is very similar to MS Word.  The program than generates the HTML (hypertext markup language) that web browsers utilize to display web pages.
  • After logging in, users will be at the tempEDIT main page. First time users can create a title for their web page by typing in a title in the Page title box. Text can be added to the large white box (the editing box) and formatted by using the buttons above the box.   Text (but not pictures and graphics) can also be copied and pasted from Word documents.  
  •  Always save your work (by clicking on the Save Changes button) before attempting to View your page.
  •  One of the principle uses of teacher web pages is to allow students to access links to other web pages that the teacher feels will be
  • Many users wish to add pictures or other graphics to their web page. In order to do this, the picture or graphic file must be uploaded from your computer to the website server. This is done by clicking on the "Images and Files" link at the top of the page. This will bring up a new page that will give you options for uploading pictures and other files (Word documents, PDFs, PowerPoints, Excel spreadsheets) that you wish to make available from your your web page. 


  • Once the user has uploaded his pictures to the server, click on the Drag & Drop button and find the picture/graphic file that is to be inserted into the web page. Select the picture you wish to display. Right click on the image, copy the image  and then paste it in the appropriate position in the editing box using Ctrl-V. If the picture is too large and takes up too much room on your web page, you can make it smaller by using the re-size button on the "Images and Files" page.  Or you can right click on the image and select properties.  This not only allows you to change the size of the file, but also to select whether you want the image displayed on the left or right side of your page.
  • Many teachers utilize their web pages to make classroom materials available to their students.  PowerPoint presentations and Word documents/PDFs (HW assignments, worksheets, etc) must be uploaded to the server using the same procedure as above.  To place a link to the document you uploaded, click on the Drag & Drop link and then right click on the file you wish to make available.  Select "Copy  link location".  Type the file name, highlight it with the cursor, and click on the link button at the top of the editing box.  Then paste the appropriate link into the URL box in the dialogue box.The file name will appear as a hyperlink in the box.  
  • Some teachers prefer to use Advanced options to display uploaded files and links to outside web pages.  This link, located at the top right of the TempEdit screen allows you to set up designated areas of your web page for Announcements, Links and Files.  Fill in the Title boxes in the sections that you wish to utilize and then add information by clicking on the Manage section and then filling in the appropriate boxes.
  • Many teachers want to have a separate page for each class.  In such a case, you probably want to have your primary teacher web page as an entry page to your site.  To set up additional pages, simply click on the Add a Page link at the top of the TempEdit page.
  • Updating web pages - a web page is only as good as the information on it.  Some teachers update their web pages a number of times during the school year.  Even if the information on the web page is good for extended periods, it is always good to "update" it occasionally.  This can be done by simply opening the page in tempEDIT and then clicking Save Changes.  This generates a new last updated date at the bottom of the page so that viewers know that the information is current. 
  • Hopefully this page will allow you to begin work with your web page (or refresh your memory if you are updating an old page).  However, the district has building webmasters that will be happy to schedule an appointment to provide additional information at your convenience.  Just email a request for a conference to your building's webmaster.



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