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2020-2021 School Reopening Plans

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Dear Parents & Guardians:

Our administrators, leaders, teachers and staff members have been working for months to develop a plan to safely reopen our school buildings. 

We received state guidelines for reopening schools in mid-July from the New York State Education Department and Health Department. After careful analysis of the guidelines, district leadership -- with input from representatives of all of the District’s stakeholders – has determined that students will be given the option to return to school in a Hybrid (in-person and remote) or a 100% Remote (virtual) learning environment.  A 3-page overview of our District’s commitments and highlights of the re-entry plan can be accessed here.

For the Hybrid learning environment students will experience a three (3) days in-person and three (3) days remote learning sequence / pattern which will continue for the entire academic year or until circumstances change and the District is permitted to accommodate all students within our school buildings based on health and safety guidelines.   The Hybrid sequence / pattern can be accessed here.  The Hybrid model cohorts will be based on neighborhood / bus route so that families and siblings will follow the same schedule.  More details will follow as plans are finalized and decisions by Governor Cuomo are made regarding reopening schools in September.  

Beginning today, Friday, July 31, 2020, through Friday, August 7, 2020, parents are asked to log into their SchoolTool Parent Portal accounts to make selections of their preferred learning environment for each student. The SchoolTool Parent Portal can be accessed here and is best viewed on a computer or tablet. Directions can be found here for completing the questionnaire.

There are more decisions to be made and more details to be finalized. We are grateful for the continued support from the community. 

Please check your email and our website,, for updates, links and more. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. 


Matthew J. McDonald

Superintendent of Schools


Read our full report HERE.

District leadership presented the plan to the board of education on Thursday, July 30, 2020.