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C.W. Baker High School Announces the Class of 2021 Baker's Dozen

C.W. Baker High School is proud to announce this year's Baker's Dozen. The Baker's Dozen represents the 13 students that have the highest GPA in the Class of 2021. Congratulations to each and every one of the Baker's Dozen on your success. 

The Baker's Dozen students are (in no particular order):Tristan Miranda, Jack McManus, Bianca Gascon, Lindsey Demer, Calista Winders, Aidan Micho, Nathaniel Hahn, Geoffrey Tse, Colin DeLaney, Jenna Boutilier, Tiffany Natoli, Kyle Rogers and Andrew Panos.

Please Note: Note: This photo has been edited to include all 13 students. When the original photos were taken the students were appropriately spaced and physically distanced.  

Original Picture Hive
Original Group Buzz