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McNamara Power Pledge

We are the McNamara Bees
Come listen to us BUZZ…

We are enthusiastic Bees and learning is what we love.
No matter what the challenge we will persevere until it’s done.

McNamara Bees are brave.
McNamara Bees are strong.
McNamara Bees exhibit self-control all day long.

McNamara Bees are kind.
McNamara Bees are fair.
McNamara Bees work as a team each and every day of the year.

We are the McNamara Bees
Come listen to us buzz - Buuuzzzzz!!!!

Positivity Project (P2)

McNamara Elementary School is proud to participate in the Positivity Project and share the #otherpeoplematter mindset. Check out our page here for our P2 character trait of the week, as well as how we celebrate P2 in our classrooms and community! For more information on P2, please visit their website