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Q&A: Capital Improvement Project 2022

We asked for your questions on the 2022 Capital Improvement Project. Here's what we received: 

The project shows several classrooms being used when moving the guidance office and main office, but it is unclear where additional classrooms are going. How many additional classrooms will be added with the capitol project and where are they going?

Answer: There will be renovated classrooms through reconfiguration of spaces, however, the detailed design will not occur until after a successful project vote. There will be the addition of a new gym, and renovations that include a new music suite and a STEM classroom.

Question: I would like to know why the baseball/softball field renovation project was not included in this improvement project? 

Answer: District leaders, the Facilities Committee and Board of Education reviewed the project cost of the initial proposal and decided to reduce the scope of the project due to the escalating construction costs. The plans for the 2022 capital improvement project were scaled back to be financially responsible during this time (due to COVID) and maximize state aid. The Facilities Committee is continuing to work on the next capital project proposal to ensure we continue to improve our infrastructure. 

Please Note: For the purpose of this Q&A we only received the above two questions from residents, but here are a few additional questions we would like to highlight. Still have questions? Check out our webpage or email Public Information Specialist Sarah Buckshot at Also please join us at our Public Hearing at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at the Transportation Department, located at 2810 W. Entry Road in Baldwinsville. 

Question: What is the tax impact of this project?

Answer: The $32.8 million project will be funded by $24.8 million in State Building Aid, $5 million from the Capital Reserve Fund and $3 million raised from taxes. Taxes are projected to increase by approximately $12.77 for a home with a market value of $100,000 to support the project beginning in 2024-2025.

Question: What is the timeline of this project?



Question: Will there be future projects that expand on this one?

Answer: Yes, the District is continuously assessing the infrastructure needed to support high quality instruction, collaboration, innovation, and flexibility for our students and their social, emotional, physical, and educational learning. Voters will also be asked to vote on a new capital reserve to minimize the local cost share of future projects.