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BOE approves final step for new superintendent

June 6, 2023

The Board of Education approved the contract for Dr. Joseph DeBarbieri on Monday, June 5th. This was the final step in approving our new Superintendent of Schools. 

The school board appointed Dr. DeBarbieri to the position at the February 21st board meeting. He will take on the role of permanent superintendent on July 1, 2023.

“I appreciate the support from our school community, the school board and our teachers and staff” Dr. DeBarbieri said at the meeting. “I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity.”

Dr. DeBarbieri said he is looking forward to starting his new role. 

“I will do whatever I can to continue moving us in the right direction, focusing on students and making sure that Bville is highly regarded and recognized for the outstanding opportunities that we bring for our students,” he said. 

Dr. DeBarbieri began his career in Baldwinsville in 2002 as a math teacher at Charles W. Baker High School. He has worked as a building administrator at Baker High School and Van Buren Elementary School and also served as assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction before taking on his current role as deputy superintendent. 

Dr. DeBarbieri has a Doctor of Education from Syracuse University, a Certificate of Advanced Studies from Syracuse University, a Master of Science from Le Moyne College, and a Bachelor of Arts from Syracuse University.