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District adds additional AEDs, continues to offer CPR/AED training to staff

November 14, 2023

In January 2023, over 23 million people watched as 24-year-old professional football player Damar Hamlin tragically suffered a cardiac arrest on the field during a NFL Monday Night Football game in Cincinnati. Thankfully, team trainers and other sideline personnel initiated prompt CPR and used an AED to administer a shock to his heart within minutes of his collapse, ultimately saving his life with their rapid and skilled response. 

"In response to this tragic event, our district has continued to reevaluate our AED program and has added additional AEDs districtwide," said School Nursing Supervisor Katie Cazzolli. "In partnership with American Medical Response (AMR) locally, and our District Safety Officer, the district continues to offer CPR/AED training for staff."

During the district's recent Superintendent's Conference Day held November 7th, 2023, AMR conducted CPR/AED training for staff as well as Stop the Bleed training for the entire health services team as part of our emergency preparedness response.