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District hires additional special patrol officer to serve on main campus

February 7, 2024

The Baldwinsville Central School District hired a new officer to serve on its main campus. 

Special Patrol Resource Officer Michael Johnson started in January and is assigned to assist School Resource Officer Jenna Quattrini at C.W. Baker High School and School Resource Officer Jared Zeppetello at Durgee Junior High School. 

“Officer Johnson is an excellent addition to our District,” said Superintendent Dr. Joseph M. DeBarbieri. “Safety and security are extremely important to our district and increasing the number of officers on our main campus is a proactive measure to help keep our students, staff and families safe.” 

Officer Johnson served 20 years in the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office before retiring in November 2023. Prior to his retirement he was the training coordinator for the Central New York Regional Law Enforcement Academy where he was responsible for training new recruits in the field of Correction and Police. Johnson is now employed by the Baldwinsville Police Department. 

In 2022, the district hired five Special Patrol Resource Officers to serve in its elementary schools. With the hiring of Officer Johnson, the district now has a total of nine officers serving its schools. 

Baldwinsville Board of Education President Victor Jenkins said the school board supported the hiring of an additional officer because initiatives that keep students safe are what the community wants. 

“We listen to the concerns of the public and we continue to enhance our security and safety measures,” Jenkins said. “This district has always been a leader in safety and security and we will continue to do whatever it takes to keep our community safe.”