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Baker's Film and News Programs win big at CNY High School Film Festival

June 7, 2024

Congratulations to the C.W. Baker High School Film Program and Baker News staff on winning big at the CNY High School Film Festival, which was held on Thursday night at the Palace Theatre.

Baker News and Baker Film students earned impressive results. They won the two top awards of the night from American High for Best Comedy and Best Vertical Short. The prize for these awards is a private studio tour and meet-and-greet with American High executives.


American High Best Comedy Award
Dan Fenzl, Ryan Bullis, Zoe Howroyd, Gracie Pevarnik, Cate Johnson, Natalie Kelepurovski, McKenna Brennan, & Alyssa White for Baker News with "Dan Fenzl’s Day Off"

American High Best Vertical Short Award
Dan Fenzl, Zoe Howroyd, Alexis Quimby, Rey Quiroz, Quinn Rost and Zach Pendergast for Baker News with "What Students Really Do on Their Chromebooks"

Original Drama
Second Place: Zach Pendergast for "REM"

Music Video
First Place: Zach Pendergast for "You’re Gonna Go Far"

News Package/Feature
First Place: McKenna Brennan, Ryan Bullis, Gianna Cousineau, and Zoe Howroyd for Baker News with "Pajamarama Event at Palmer Elementary"

First Place: Zoe Howroyd, McKenna Brennan and Dan Fenzl for Baker News with "Pajamarama Promo"

Third Place: Angelina Gadomski "Double Trouble"