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Transportation Department


Cory Duthoy Dean DeSantis
Assistant School
Transportation Director
Leadership Consultant for
Transportation and Operations
Phone - (315) 638-6097                 
Fax - (315) 635-4562

2810 W. Entry Road                    
Baldwinsville, New York 13027

Safe Crossing Procedures

When the school bus comes to a child's bus stop, it may be necessary for the child to cross the street to board or exit the bus. It is required that the child follow the "Safe Crossing Procedure" that was developed for school bus safety in New York State. Read more...

Bus Riders' Responsibilities

Bus riders have responsibilities before they board the bus at the bus stop, while they are riding the bus and when they are exiting the bus. These responsibilities are in place to keep everyone safe and families should review them with their children.  Read more...

Streets routed to avoid crossing students

There are numerous streets/roads that the District does not recommend crossing students for one or more of the following reasons: speed limit, lack of clear sighting and/or high traffic.  This does affect bus routes and the length in which some students may ride.  The District along with the Transportation Department considers all factors when routing to limit the length of time students are on buses.  See the list of streets/roads HERE.

Joint/Shared Custody Transportation Request 

This request form is to be used when transportation is a Joint/Shared Custody situation.  This form is intended for use when both parents are residents of the District, but are living in separate households, in the attending school zone in which the student attends.  Transportation is NOT provided to the parent living outside of the attending school zone or district.  Please provide a copy of the most updated Custody Agreement/Court Order on file with the Courts to the school building’s main office. The District will not condition enrollment on receipt of such documentation. This request EXPIRES at the end of each school year.  This form is to be submitted to the Transportation Department each year before JULY 31st. A calendar for those schedules that alternate and/or are not routine, i.e. altering days or weeks must be noted on calendar.

Click Here for Form
Click Here for Calendar Example
Click Here for Printable Calendar

Mobile App Let's You Find Your Child's Bus

The Baldwinsville Central School District is always working to support the various needs of our school community. The district offers the Versatrans My Stop mobile application, which allows parents to track their child’s bus with a mobile device, and it provides an estimated time the bus will arrive at the bus stop in the morning and in the afternoon.
The app is free and you can download it from the App Store or Google Play. Look for Versatrans My Stop. Download the app, and when prompted, choose the Baldwinsville Central School District. You will then be prompted to put in your user name and password.
You will need your child’s nine-digit student ID number to use for the user name and for the password. You can find the number in the parent portal. It is the nine-digit number in bold on the upper right side of the page. (Please use your oldest child's ID number.)
If you have forgotten your parent portal password, or become locked out of the portal, please contact your school to have a new password issued.
If you have any questions about the app, please call the Transportation Department at 315-638-6097.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several of the most frequently asked questions about the Transportation Department's operational procedures. All stated deadlines are firm and are based on providing optimum service.

Student Pick Up/Delivery Plan
Each student will have one designated pick up point and one designated delivery point. We do not handle multiple requests. Any variance from the set schedule must be handled through the child’s school on a case-by- case basis. With over 6,000 children being transported daily the Transportation Department is not capable of tailoring individual plans.
Permanent Changes to Pick Up/Delivery Plan
If a child’s plan needs a permanent change (moving to new home, etc.), that is handled through the school. They will send the necessary paperwork to the Transportation Department.
Daycare/Sitter Situation
All daycare/sitter information should be filled out with the school, which will in turn notify the Transportation Department. Sitters must be in your home school zone, unless they are a registered or licensed day care. 

The District establishes bus routes for the new school year over the summer months. Due to safety concerns, changes to daycare/sitter stops or bus stops for the newly established routes will be processed on a first come, first serve basis from Thursday, August 25, 2022 to Friday, September 16, 2022.

Day care/sitter forms received after August 24, 2022 will be processed to take effect only with email notification from the transportation office. You must submit a request form for day care/sitter transportation EVERY YEAR, even if your daycare/ sitter is the same as the previous year.

You can download a Request for Transportation form HERE.

Please submit it by 5 p.m. August 24, 2022, to ensure your child has transportation on the first day of school, September 7, 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department at (315) 638-6097.

How Bus Stops are Selected
Bus stops are selected to maximize the efficiency of each route.  In all cases, particularly in housing developments, group stops are utilized. However, many rural students will be set up at home, due to geography and distance between homes.
Since we centralize each bus stop, there will always be the scenario of a bus passing some students homes in order to get to the bus stop.
Bus Stop Time
All students are required to be waiting at the designated bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled bus arrival. Our bus routes are all “timed”, and must remain on schedule. At multiple student pick up points, drivers pick up only those who are there. For pick up points that serve only one student (or one family), the driver will stop, open the door, look for the student(s), and then proceed to the next stop.
Bus Stop Change Requests
Please check the form HERE, and read it carefully, as many questions are answered on the form.
Parent/Guardian Pick Up at Bus
There can be a maximum of four (4) people registered to pick up a student at the bus. Click here for Authorization to Release Students form. Any additional people must be dealt with from the school with a pass stating they are authorized.
Bus Capacity
Elementary buses may be calculated at three students per seat. Each bus is marked with the maximum legal capacity. We try to only use two students per seat as much as possible with the older grades.
Out of District Students/Private and Parochial
Students who opt to attend schools that are not in the Baldwinsville School District are transported in one of two ways:
When home address to school address is 15 miles or under - the student will be transported to and from home to the pick-up/drop off point, then to school. Your student may have to be transported to a transfer point to meet the bus going to your private or parochial school.
When home address to school address is over 15 miles – parents are responsible for transporting the student to and from the designated pick up/drop off point for pick up and drop off.
Distances from home to school are not determined in direct air miles. We utilize Map Quest, shortest route, in order to optimize opportunities.

Private and Parochial Transportation Request Forms must be submitted annually before April 1st each year.