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Academic Support Services

Academic Support Services


The faculty and staff at Baker High School are committed to helping our students maximize their academic potential. In order to support our students as they take on the challenge of higher standards, we are providing several options for students who feel they need extra help. The Math Lab and Learning Center has been set up to provide students with the opportunity to get extra help. In addition, several on-line links have been established to provide helpful hints for academic success. We invite all of our students to make use of these resources to become even more successful in their academic endeavors.
The Math Lab
This lab in Room 2402 is open all periods of the school day. Students can come from lunch or study hall with a pass.    Also, Students in need of academic support in math may have math lab assigned in their schedules.
The Learning Center
The Learning Center is located in Room 2314. Students in need of academic support other than in math may have this assigned in their schedules.

The Peer Tutoring Program is available in the Baker Library from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM Tuesday through Thursday. Help is available for most of the core subjects.

This program offers an alternative educational setting for students who:
    • need help and support in addition to the assistance received during the regular school day
    • need a structured setting in which to complete their daily homework and/or study for tests
    • need access to technology (computers) - must have a pre-signed pass
    • For specific concerns, teachers are available after school, schedules determined by the teacher.
    • Attendance is voluntary, therefore students may attend any day(s) for any length of time within the one hour block of time.
On-Line Help
Testing Center
This center is located in Room 1210 and provides students with a place during the regular school day to complete tests and /or quizzes that were missed due to absence; or for those assessments which require additional time or other accommodations.