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CW Baker High School Alumni Page

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1. Year of graduation
2. Degrees/certifications/licenses
3. What are you doing now?
4. Where do you live?
5. If you still live in the Baldwinsville school district, why?
6. Which Baldwinsville teacher(s) made a difference in your life and why?
7. How did Baldwinsville prepare you for college/career?
8. Favorite memory of school

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James Goodridge - Class of 2013

James made Dean’s List while at Le Moyne, graduated in 2017, and then earned a full academic scholarship to St. John's School of Law in New York City.  He is at the end of his 2L (second) year and is diligent in studies. James recently received a trio of awards (First Place, Best Brief, and Best Oralist) at a moot court competition hosted by the Nassau County Bar Association and evaluated by a panel of state and federal judges. This is the third time that James has been commended for his legal writing, having previously received Best Brief in a competition last fall and the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Legal Writing at the conclusion of his 1L year. James says that he owes this success to the amazing teachers who helped craft his talent and passion for writing during his time as a B’ville Bee.  
James Webb, Class of 1993

- Bachelors in Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales university

What are you doing now?  Executive Chef At Bistro Dining hall At SUNY Cortland with ASC Dining Services

Where do you live? Liverpool NY

Which Baldwinsville teacher(s) made a difference in your life and why?  Beth Mahon -  her patience and wonderful personality and ability to listen made her the best teacher. Her patience in showing me how to cook in my early years inspired me to move on and be patient with others, too. I know I was not an easy student to be patient with.

How did Baldwinsville prepare you for college/career?  Between the class schedule and sports I learned to keep focused and work hard to get to where I needed to go. When I was a freshman in high school,  I never thought I would graduate, but I did. I never thought I would be the chef of a kitchen that feeds about 2500 people a day, but I had to work hard at it and Baldwinsville prepared me for that.

Favorite memory of school – That’s a great question, I can not really pinpoint a moment that was a favorite. The best was the feeling of accomplishment of graduating and taking everything I learned into the future.

A chef stands in front of a counter that has vegetables on it
Michael Spicer, Class of 2017

What are you doing now? Full time student at Hamilton College as an economics major and communications minor. I am on the football team and track and field team. I am the director of professional out reach for the Hamilton Sports Business Club, and I am also employed by the equipment manager at Hamilton College. I am also the CEO of Cedarvale Maple Syrup Co.

Which teacher(s) made a difference in your life?  It would be too hard to point out just a couple of teachers in the district that made an impact on me. The selflessness, enthusiasm, and positive character of all the teachers in the district played an important role in my life. This includes not just teachers I had in class but all the teachers and faculty members I encountered on a day to day basis.

How did Baldwinsville prepare you for college? The high academic standards complemented by the competitive atmosphere of athletics in Baldwinsville, specifically the sport of wrestling for me, is the driver of my success in accomplishing what I have done today. 

Favorite memory of school: My favorite memory of Baldwinsville is having the pleasure to be influenced every day by my close friend, Tommy Zucculotto. 
Andrea Atcheson (Scala) - Class of 1991

Degrees/Certifications: BA in Psychology and minor in Health And Society-1995 (University of Rochester); BS and certificate in Physician Assistant-1999 from RIT

What are you doing now? I work at the VA Hospital as a physician assistant in anticoagulation (blood thinners) and also own my own business called Heart Health Academy, where I am a wellness coach with aims to reduce heart disease and help people lead healthier lives.

Where do you live? Radisson

If you still live in the B'ville school district, why? After graduation from RIT, I moved to San Diego for several years. When I had my first child in 2012, my husband and I moved back home to be near family. I grew up in Radisson and loved it there, so it was a natural move/fit for us. My six-year-old son is at McNamara in first grade and my five-year-old son will enter kindergarten in the fall at McNamara.

Which B'ville teachers made a difference in your life? Al Jenner, former WBXL teacher. He was not only a very intelligent, articulate man and teacher, but he became a close friend to my family. In fact, my dad and I recently went for coffee with him. And...till this day, I pronounce my "Ws" perfectly ("double-you"), as we had to do when on the air!

How did B'ville prepare you for college/career? Baldwinsville was a great district in that the course work was excellent with great teachers who cared. Also, I played many sports year round, and this was an integral part of my social and personal development. I am happy to have gone to B'ville since first grade!

Favorite memory of school: This is a hard one since there are so many, but probably going to the football games with my friends on Friday nights. The fall weather was beautiful and I always thought I was "cool" walking around in front of the bleachers!
Caleb Wilcox, Class of 2010
Caleb attended Prescott College, a small school in Arizona. He received his BA in Adventure Education. Some of his classes included rock climbing, backcountry skiing and avalanche forecasting, and nine weeks of sea kayaking and marine biology in the Sea of Cortez. During his sophomore year of college, he lived in a hammock in the woods for nine months. He studied abroad in Norway for a semester before graduating in 2014. In 2016, he bicycled across the country. Caleb has worked wilderness therapy in Utah and outdoor education with Outward Bound California, a non-profit. He is returning to school in Salt Lake City for a nursing degree. 

Emily Gell, Class of 2010
Emily earned a B.A. in International Relations-History from Wellesley College in 2014.  She worked at Legal Aid Society in New York City for three years.  In May 2018 she earned a Master of Public Affairs with a concentration in Data-Driven Policy from Brown University.  She is working as a Research Analyst at the University of Chicago in the Crime and Education Lab.
Kristen Gell, Class of 2011
Kristen earned a B.S. in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science with a concentration in nuclear physics from the University of Richmond in 2015.  She is a Solutions Architect with Monument Consulting in Richmond, Virginia.
Chelsea Gell, Class of 2014
Chelsea earned a B.A. in Art History and Mathematics from Wellesley College in 2018.  She works at Notre Dame of Maryland University in Baltimore as the Development and Annual Giving Coordinator.
Ryan Gell, Class of 2016
Ryan is a Junior at Tufts University, majoring in Economics and History.  He recently travelled to Mexico to study microfinance and Rwanda to learn about the culture and genocide.  He will study in London next semester. 
Three young women and one young man stand together with their arms around each other
Ian Coe - Baker grad Ian Coe is attending SU and hosts his own radio show on the campus. He recently took a tour of the Cumulus broadcast headquarters in Syracuse and was able to meet some of his favorite local DJs, including Ted & Amy from 93Q. In September 2018, Ian travelled to Washington, D.C with four other students to sit on a panel and answer questions after viewing a screening of "Intelligent Lives," a movie that stars three adults with intellectual disabilities who challenge perceptions of intelligence throughout high school, college, and the workforce. 
an older man in a suit with a  younger man in a suit
Ian Coe with Congressman John Katko
Ian Coe in a radio broadcasting control room Ian Coe with staff from 93Q
Class of 2016 - Megan Dwyer
Megan Dwyer, Class of 2016, is the recipient of the University at Buffalo (UB) Women’s Club, 2018 Grace W. Capen Academic Award. The award recognizes the achievements of UB sophomores who have completed three semesters and have a quality point average of 3.95 or higher.
Megan Dwyer receiving the Grace W. Capen award

Class of 2005 - Megan Jenkins

Dr. Megan Jenkins, Baker High School Class of 2005, will complete her surgical residency at Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City in June 2018 after which she will begin a Minimally Invasive Fellowship at Hackensack University Hospital in New Jersey.

When Dr. Jenkins was named a chief surgical resident at Bellevue, she and the other doctors who were named chief surgical residents made history. They became the first all-female group of chief surgical residents from NYU Langone Health Center at Bellevue. The health center has been affiliated with Bellevue for nearly 150 years. Because surgery is a male-dominated field, it’s unusual to find a surgery department that can boast of a staff of all female chief residents.
Class of 2008 - Olivia Paige Brown

Olivia-Paige Brown, Class of 2008, has been accepted in the Doctor of Clinical Psychology (PsyD) at Medaille College in Buffalo, NY. The program is a full-time, five-year, practitioner-oriented program that prepares students for careers as licensed psychologists, with a APA Accreditation. Olivia will also be receiving a second master’s degree in 2019 in psychology.

In 2017, Olivia graduated with Masters of Arts - Clinical Mental Health Counseling with CACREP Accreditation (Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program). She is a member of the Counseling Academic & Professional Honor Society Sigma Delta Chi. Olivia maintained a 4.0 GPA since entering college seven years ago.

Olivia Paige Brown
Nathaniel Werner, Class of 2010
Nathaniel Werner, Class of 2010, has been accepted into the PhD program in the Department of Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering at Pennsylvania State University, where he has been awarded a Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fellowship. His research focuses on the aerodynamics and bio-mechanics of small flyers and how they can be applied to drone development.
Nathaniel Werner