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Elden Character Education

February's trait is Honesty

What does honesty mean?
  1. To be truthful
  2. To not lie, cheat, or steal.
Why is honesty important?
  1. Honest people are trustworthy, dependable, and respected by others.
  2. It is the right thing to do. It feels good.
  3. Telling the truth lets everyone know what happened and keeps the wrong person from being blamed for something they didn’t do.
Why is it bad to be dishonest?
  1. Losing the trust and respect of others.
  2. The need to tell more lies in order to cover up.
  3. You may face punishment and embarrassment.
How can you be an honest person?
  1. Tells the truth, regardless of the consequence.
  2. Admits when he or she is wrong.
  3. Does not cheat or steal.
  4. Does not exaggerate to make things seem different than they are.
  5. Keeps promises and encourages others to be truthful. 

Enjoy these books about honesty with your child.  You can check them out through the Elden Library and the Baldwinsville Public Library!