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Principal's Message

Mr. Thomas J. Coughlin
Elden Principal 

September 2023

Dear Elden families,

I hope you had a wonderful and safe summer. I know the month of August wasn’t so great weatherwise, but we are so excited for your children to start school on Wednesday, September 6th. At this time I would like to welcome the following new staff members to Elden Elementary School:

Mrs. April, lunch monitor
Mrs. Bach, kindergarten teacher
 Ms. Firenze, APE teacher
 Mr. Gianni, lunch monitor
 Mrs. Pisagih, orchestra teacher
 Mrs. Russo, social worker

We will have our early drop off again this year which will be from 8:00am to 8:10am in the bus circle. We will have staff outside to assist. Please pull up to the main entrance doors to let your children out. Do not pass other cars and please remember that our buses will be coming right after the early drop off. The next drop off time will be after the last bus leaves at approximately 8:37am in the bus circle. Students are expected to be in school by 8:45am. Breakfast will continue to be in the classroom.

Dismissal will begin at 3:15pm in our cafeteria/APR for every day pick ups We will open the APR/cafeteria doors at 3:10pm. Please be advised that students in UPK will be dismissed at the door facing our playground closest to Baker High School. Students in kindergarten to 5th grade will be called in order of their grade level with the lower grades first. If your child is in 5th grade, you may want to wait until at least 3:20pm to enter because we will call grade K-4 first. If you have multiple children, the process will default to the youngest child. All siblings are expected to pick up their younger siblings at their classrooms. So for example, if you have a 5th grader and a 2nd grader, the 5th grader will pick up the 2nd grader and report to the APR for pick up when second grade is called.

Buses will begin to load as soon as they arrive. Our goal is to have our buses loaded and dismissed by 3:30pm.

Some parents and family members have made appointments with your children’s teachers to drop off school supplies. If you have not and would like to, please contact your child’s teacher to schedule a drop off time on Tuesday, September 5th. If you would like to check our school supply list in preparation for the first day of school, please follow this link:

School Supplies 2023-2024 | Baldwinsville Central School District

Follow this link if you would like to send a notice to school:

I hope you and your family & friends have a wonderful Labor Day holiday weekend. I look forward to greeting your children on the first day of school, September 6th. If you have any questions, please let me know. Be safe and healthy!


Mr. Coughlin